Circle of Legacy Building

The theory states that Legacy is an earned virtue of pride, acceptance, reputation, influence and respect built over a period of time with consistent ethical, holistic and engaging work passing through the process of fame and stardom.

Fame can be achieved overnight but not stardom or legacy. Anyone/anything can be famous but not necessarily accepted, liked and respected.

Stardom would take a period of 5 years to build as a process through acceptance and likeability among a set of people. Stardom brings fame. Other stakeholders can ride on the stardom of an individual/brand to attain fame or sync in their legacy messaging. Stardom can perish over a period of time. Stardom doesn’t guarantee Legacy.

Legacy is a strong positive respectful recognition earned over a period of time through consistent efforts and an ethical approach. Unlike fame, legacy can’t be achieved overnight or in a short span. Legacy as a process does bring fame in return in the changing eras of time.

Fame is based on the foundation of popularity and recognition. Stardom is based on the foundation of acceptance and likeability. Legacy is based on the foundation of respect.

From a macro perspective as an intrinsic value, Fame is B2C in nature, Stardom is D2C in nature and Legacy is B2B in nature. From a micro perspective, Fame is B2C, Stardom is a combination of D2C and B2C and Legacy is a combination of B2C, D2C and B2B.

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Devesh Purohit
Devesh Purohit is the proprietor of Legacy Matrix based out of India. Devesh is the researcher, developer and publisher of an intellectual property on Legacy Building for brands. His IP concept for Legacy Building approach distinguishes him from all the PR Consultancies in the world. Academically, Devesh is a Gold-medalist in MAPR from Hinduja College. For his IP, Devesh has drafted 4 original theories.

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