Digital Health – Redefining Continuum of Care and Communicating them to the World

If we look back, the disruption of the pandemic made us fundamentally rethink and reinvent healthcare, among other important issues. How can care be transformed – to deliver better outcomes?  Digital health can be used to improve healthcare results – by creating better solutions for people, who face challenges in accessing better health options. Thus it can impact the health equity. Digital is the new norm, and digital technologies are now integral to daily life. People have never been more interconnected, and it can be noticed that innovation, particularly in the digital sphere, is forging ahead.  But, in its application to improve the health of people –  there is immense scope for further use of digital health solutions. So, health innovation can step in to accelerate global attainment of good health and the well-being of the population.

This was the focus around the dialogue with Rajat Goel, Co-Founder, CEO & MD, Eye Q Super Speciality Eye Hospitals, who is backed by a rich experience of working in the hospital & healthcare business for over two decades. The topic was  – “Digital Health: Redefining Continuum of Care and Communicating them to the World”, in  a conversation with Aman Gupta, Managing Partner & Co-founder, SPAG Asia. When Aman questioned how he perceived digital health bringing in change today, Rajat composed an overall picture – “in the last fifteen years, health has become very inclusive and the heart of health is how documentation happens”. Now that the government has got into creating a platform, he could foresee a future we will have a comprehensive health picture in one source.  “The government is doing a great deal,” he insisted, on a very positive note.

Briefly, he recalled how he and Dr Ajay Sharma, Chief Medical Director and Co-Founder launched Eye Q and how the company has evolved. This was indeed, a source of great pride and achievement.

Then Aman wondered where does the role of communication come in? He immediately quoted the example of the scheme that the government has started – Áyushman Bharat where any person can get treatment done anywhere in the country. He clarified that ‘eSanjeevani’, was Govt. of India’s free Telemedicine service integrated with NHA’s Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM); and the users of eSanjeevani can create their 14-digit unique Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA) and use it to link their existing health records. Clearly a move in the right direction.

So, in today’s world there is indeed a shift happening. Reputation management is a red flag, which needs to be managed today. It is open, transparent and the role of the communication expert is very important – was his clear take.

And what could be the biggest takeaway? Digital health is making a big headway and India is at the forefront, and we as communicators have a big role to play. So, India is experiencing unparalleled demographic changes, including healthcare, which are also being witnessed and acknowledged globally too.

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