From Bollywood To Big Data: How AI Is Transforming Content In India

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a disruptive force, revolutionising various sectors across the globe, and India’s content industry is no exception. With its vast pool of talent and diverse cultural heritage, India has been a hub for creative content production. However, the integration of AI technologies has opened up new avenues and transformed the way content is created, distributed, and consumed in the country.

From personalised recommendations to being in ads with digital SRKs, AI algorithms are reshaping the landscape of India’s entertainment industry. Streaming platforms are leveraging AI to curate tailored content for individual users based on their preferences and viewing patterns.

Additionally, AI-powered tools enable filmmakers to analyse audience sentiments and trends to create engaging narratives that resonate with viewers.


Bollywood’s Digital Revolution: AI And Content Creation

From scriptwriting to post-production, AI algorithms are being utilised to enhance efficiency and creativity throughout the filmmaking process. AI- driven tools analyse vast amounts of data, including audience preferences and market trends, to generate valuable insights that guide decision- making in script development.

One of my favourite recent tools for script-writers is Nolan. Blends templates and recommendations seamlessly for new and experienced writers.

Harnessing Big Data: Transforming India’s Entertainment Landscape

The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionised the way content is created and consumed in India’s entertainment industry. The vast amount of data generated by us on social media and our constant online behavior is now being harnessed to tailor content offerings to individual tastes. As AI algorithms analyse this, big data companies have become extremely good at providing personalised recommendation engines, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction. Every content aggregator from Netflix, YouTube and short format content apps like Moj and TikTok have become masters at recommendations. This shift towards data-driven content creation has not only transformed the traditional Bollywood narrative but also paved the way for emerging genres and diverse storytelling formats starting from the 1 camera – 1 Actor format from the early days of BBKiVines.

With AI-powered platforms gaining popularity, niche and regional content creators have found a new avenue to reach their target audience, fueling creativity and promoting cultural diversity in India’s ever-evolving entertainment landscape.

What’s next with AI in Bollywood?

Pessimistically speaking, rights for faces might become a norm. It kind of is already. If you’ve seen CGI versions of older actors as their younger avatars at some point, this is basically that.

Just a little concerned about how Bollywood adapts to it. Lots of powerful people usually means some ego-clashes. That could end up making some actors show on screen who wouldn’t want to otherwise act on the same set. But then again, it’s entertainment. As long as we see 14 Scorpios somersault in the air while Ajay Devgan plays Candy crush with this toes and lights a cigar, we are good right?

For real though, AI might have some positivity in audience interactions too. Although it’s a bit skin deep like the SRK ad, it still provides a lot of satisfaction to fans. Long term, maybe not.

Lastly, I see automation in VFX (something that SOME Indian films have done well #NotAdipurush). Large swathes of image and 3D render data can find new and creative ways to be showcased on screen.

It’s going to be a weird 10 years in Bollywood. Looking forward to it.

Stay curious. Stay Secure. See you next fortnight.

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