How to Build Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is a crucial aspect of a strong personality. It is a key to success and is needed in every stage of life. Developing self-confidence is a constant process which requires dedication and practice. External stimuli can have positive as well as negative influences on self-confidence. It is crucial to manage emotions in both scenarios. Confidence enables us to push our limits and bring best out of us. Discipline and motivation play crucial roles in building self-confidence, however, mindset shift and certain practices can help boost self-esteem by eliminating unwanted emotions and thoughts.

Here are a few ways one can practice to build self-confidence.

Focus on one thing at a time

Multi-tasking is a buzz word and we want to accomplish multiple things in a limited time. Whether it is a quest to remain ahead of the curve or fear of missing out (FOMO), the thought of getting out of the ‘system’ keeps us on our toes. However, the hustle lifestyle has adverse impacts on productivity. Straining the body and mind too far can harm health and impact emotional well-being. Choose one thing at a time at a time and give it an undivided attention. Prioritise quality rather than quantity and produce unbeatable results. Whether it is learning new skills or working on a new project, enjoy what you do. When we produce high-quality output, it brings a sense of achievement and boosts our self-confidence.

Set realistic goals

Peer pressures are real, and we all feel them. Sometimes, we get trapped in the game of people-pleasing and commit things which are way out of our league. When we cannot pull them off and eventually fail to deliver, our confidence goes for a toss. It is also a sensitive time as negative emotions may cloud our minds, and we may go into the zone of self-doubt and self-pity. Be realistic about your strengths and your ability to handle work pressures. Set realistic goals and learn to say no without guilt or remorse. Discipline plays a significant role in achieving goals in the stipulated timeframe. Set short-term targets instead of aiming for larger goals and be open to collaboration for faster and better output. When you start celebrating small wins, it gives us encouragement to step up our game.

Be consistent in efforts

Comfort zones feel cosy, but they are the major hindrance in growth. Be a lifelong learner and do not settle at any point of career. Consistency plays a vital role in improvement. Trust the process and be consistent in your efforts. There will be times when you may not get anticipated results. You might also face constant rejections. Keep faith in your abilities and leverage your creativity to get things done. Allow mistakes but avoid dwelling upon them for long. Be open to criticism but take it only as a point of improvement. When we consistently pursue things, it boosts our confidence and we take up bigger challenges.

Build credibility

Credibility is one aspect which differentiates leaders from managers. Authenticity and transparency help in building credibility among our peers. Credibility is a critical element of a successful career. Be authentic and transparent in your communication and adhere to your commitments. Maintain distance from the negative energies of gossip mongers and people who demonstrate unprofessional behaviour in public forums. Be performance-oriented and focus on adding value to your work. When people trust your ability, it will automatically give you the confidence to demonstrate your people management skills for higher productivity.

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Priyanka Pugaokar
Priyanka Pugaokar is a communications professional with expertise in internal and external communication, crisis communications, content generation and media relations. She holds over ten years of combined experience in communications and business journalism. She is currently associated with Rashi Peripherals Limited as Corporate Communications Manager and leads several strategic projects. She is an avid travel explorer. A lifelong learner, she holds interest in yoga, naturopathy, energy healing and crystallography.

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