Importance of Content PR for Business

Content is King! This proverb holds a lot of meaning in the PR business, wherein the basic objective is to develop a bridge of communication between the brands and their target audiences. Over the years the process of building this bridge of communication has changed drastically. Offline PR campaigns, press release publications, and other such primitive methods of sharing brand insights and reaching out to the people have taken a backseat in the PR business and content creation and dissemination through digital platforms and publications is the new normal.

Content PR: The New Normal

The reason why content PR has gained so much traction over the years is due to its ability to provide brands the opportunity to not just endorse their product/service but also communicate about the ideology, vision, and mission of the brand which helps in creating a lasting impact on the minds of their audiences. Hence, content PR is a vital way of sharing your brand story with people through blog posts, authored articles, listicles, social media posts, etc.

Owing to the vast digital readership/viewership of various platforms, it provides the brands with a vast audience pool, much more than the traditional media platforms. Content on such platforms also comes with a longer shelf life and helps brands in developing a digital presence, which can be easily accessed by everyone and anyone.

Importance of Content PR for Business

While we have understood how content PR is helping brands in fostering their growth, let us now have a look at how content PR has become the backbone of their success and the importance of this PR strategy in business development and growth.

  • Helps create brand presence and delivers the brand ideologies amongst the audience: Brands that communicate their journey to their audience can create a more integral connection with their customers who are then keen to stay connected with the brand, thereby turning into loyal customers. For instance, if a brand is Vegan, communicating the reason behind creating vegan products and spreading awareness on the social cause through content PR helps the brand to communicate their brand ideologies and by spreading awareness, the brands can help in creating more customers who turn vegan. Hence, it is through content PR that the businesses can endorse their products and also generate a new customer pool.
  • A great return on investment option: Content PR helps in generating more website traffic and leads as compared to the traditional methods of PR/advertising. Users that engage with your content, can be easily converted into customers through infographics, white papers, blogs, etc. Content PR provides the buyers with information and guidance for every part of their buying cycle and hence helps in developing a long-lasting impact on the audience’s mind.
  • Helps in SEO optimisation: Search engines like Google crawls through each website content to establish what users will be diverted to on your website. Generating content through PR practices, further helps in generating more website traffic and hence the brands do not just gain visibility on other media platforms but also generate traffic on their own. The content PR is SEO optimised and hence makes the brand presence across the internet more robust, which is a strong indication of credibility for the audience. This helps the brands stay relevant and maintain a strong ranking for their brand on search engine result pages (SERPs).
  • Affordability: According to a study published by DemandMetric, it states that content marketing costs approximately 62% less when compared to other traditional forms of publicity and promotions. At the same time, the study also reveals that content marketing helps in generating 3 times more leads which is what all businesses aim for.

The above points are a clear depiction of how content PR is taking over the traditional PR practices, owing to the plethora of opportunities it offers to the businesses.

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Neha Bahri
Neha Bahri is Founder & Director of Bconnect Communications

A strategic communication entrepreneur professional having close to a decade of experience in the marketing communication & the PR business, Neha brings along a specialisation in creating & building the brand across the domain. Her foundation lies in learning & distributing the learning among the peer group.

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