Inspiring décor and winter snapshots

The décor around you can prove to be effective and engaging. Creative decor and design can aid organisations to push innovation at work and we have read about facilities like gym and crèche; even certain plants can play a role to boost employee morale.

So how much can your surroundings affect your mood and your work performance? Our surroundings can definitely affect the way we think and feel. Creating the perfect environment at your home or office can be the secret formula to being relaxed, happier, more focused and can also lead to a feeling being content. So, it is a fact that our environment can affect not only our mood, but our creativity and even our productivity.

Since, we spend most of our time in our living and working environments, shouldn’t we make them work for us? So, a move in the right direction would be – to ensure that we have the right workscape as it can affect our feelings, our emotions, the kind of behaviour we display; plus it may have a positive impact on how we pay attention to our surroundings, remember the right things and make the right decisions.

Simple things like choice of colours, plants in meeting rooms and use of natural lighting can improve how we feel about returning to the workplace day after day, with stress levels minimised. Organisations can get the best out of employees by helping them cultivate healthy habits and a gym at the workplace is a great option. Similarly, having a creche at work reduces stress and anxiety for young parents, and it surely helps them work out a personal-professional balance in life. Creating synergy between people’s work experience and physical environment will be an ongoing challenge. The basic idea is to make the whole experience fun. And we must remember that an inclusive workplace will deliver the best results to employees and customers.

Now, Delhi government, in a bid to boost its scarred reputation, and regain the lost connect with Dilliwale, announced that it plans to take care of all hospital bills of crash, burns and acid victims under a new policy approved by the state cabinet, and chaired by none other than the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. The aim is to give treatment at the “golden hour” soonest. And obviously, to rope in a good response, it was made clear that the government had not fixed any upper limit on cost of treatment, and all victims (for domicile, and even foreigners) will be eligible to get free treatment in any Delhi hospital, government or private, if the accident takes place in the capital. But there’s a catch – the proposed scheme, called Accident Victim Policy, awaits the lieutenant governor’s approval. Adding to the interest levels, the Delhi CM tweeted – “Every life counts. Every life is important for us. If an accident victim receives the best medical care immediately, many lives could be saved.”

With the onset of winter, the capital city gets knotted in many fun activities. Delhi played host to an International theatre festival for children from December 3, but the impact was apparently disheartening. It seems the fest did warm hearts, but it’s the numbers were dismal! There just wasn’t enough audience, even though it was happening at Bal Bhavan, right in the centre of the city. Called “Tifli”, this festival had artists from different corners of the world – South Korea, Argentina, France and USA who took part in various events, all day long. While morning events are very well attended, it was observed that evening sessions had barely any audience! The organisers felt perhaps the lure of movies was stronger than theatre!

But, the wintry days are not without pollution playing a blink-and-miss game with Delhiites. It invaded cricket too – for it was reported that “Delhi air fails Sri Lankan test”. In a first for test cricket, Sri Lankan players entered Kotla ground, wearing masks and even held up the game, complaining of the high levels of air pollution.

And, finally the marriage of the decade – Virushka’s Tuscany wedding, which had everyone spellbound. We saw brand Amul make a smart, sharp observation – “Kohli sajaake rakhna, mehndi lagaake rakhna. Amul, Vi rush for maska!”

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