Life Transformation Dialogue – Unveiling the Journey to ‘Finding Neverland’

We are always trying to find or create a heaven for ourselves in our lives. And I have have been personally fascinated by ‘Finding Neverland’ and have seen how finding that dreamland can actually be difficult and requires a lot of preparation, research and effort. How do you find the perfect space and create a better version of you?

Here, we got an answer – how to create a reality for yourself and actually climb to greater heights!

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Sandeep Mall, Managing Director LNM Auto Industries Health Coach & Author of the book “Finding The Oasis” spoke about his discovery of ‘oasis’. The topic was – “The Intersection of Mind, Body, Spirit – Living Your Best Life” and the talk was moderated by Sarvesh Tiwari, PRP Group.

For fitness expert and wildlife photographer Sandeep Mall, life took a turn in 2009. He started by recalling his past life when for 25 years, “the only thing I did was make money”. Till one fine day, he was involved in a car crash in New York and was severely injured; and his recovery and consequent rehabilitation was extremely challenging, painful and long. That was when midlife crisis hit him bad and then he took stock of his life. “I was lucky I had that accident, for it changed my thought process,” he confessed.

This midlife crisis became a turning point, inspiring him to explore the true value of fitness and its potential to positively impact every facet of life. While on his road to recovery, he also unveiled the true value of fitness and how it has the potential to change every aspect of your life – body, mind, attitude, relationships and business in a positive way.

Offering upstream thinking tips, Mall shared insights such as journaling, stepping out of the comfort zone, prioritising vegetables, the power of networking, valuing relationships, adequate recovery, mentorship (can be a gamechanger!), environmental health, and the transformative ‘superpower’ of trust in one’s journey – and it will help you find your ‘oasis’ .

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In a Dialogue with Sarvesh Tiwari, PRP Group the question came up – for health, what is the cardinal truth? Nobody wants to get sick, & he realised that if you have emotional stability, your health will be OK.

Mall’s goal is to motivate people to live a healthy life, and he believes in sharing as much information as he can to try and encourage others. “As you start leading a healthier lifestyle, your vision towards food changes too. I ensure I have freshly cooked meals,” he said.

Mall believes that anger is counterproductive. “Anger hurts not just us but many other people as well. Always look at the bigger picture. Replace anger with love, gratitude and purpose. You will be a winner. You will build a solid foundation to reboot your life,” he disclosed.

What is the importance of ‘ego’? Addressing the detrimental impact of ego on health, Mall emphasised the need for ego management and the importance of prioritising mind-body harmony. One of the big reasons for bad health is ego, and ego stops your growth, he insisted. “Ego has to be at the back and mind+body’s management is very necessary”. He suggested replacing anger with love, gratitude, and purpose, building a foundation for a fulfilling life.

Did any change happen in his thinking, while writing the book? Writing a book is indeed, very emotional, he shared. “While writing a chapter on ‘loneliness’ I was wondering – what will be life for me? And, while writing on loneliness, mindfulness, it changed my mindset!” Nothing can be better than your own life’s experiences!

Basically, we should know our purpose and when we pause and reflect, we will find our answers – was his parting shot.

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