PR Trends to look out for in 2023

Corporate communications and public relations are constantly evolving fields, and this is especially true in the fast-paced digital market of India. As consumers become increasingly connected to the internet and social media, their preferences and behaviours are changing, including the way they consume news. Consumers are moving away from traditional news outlets and exploring new age platforms.

Brands are responding as they intend to catch the imagination of its consumers by seeking out new and innovative ways to communicate with their audiences and stakeholders at different touch points.

This piece explores some key trends in corporate communications and public relations in India that are driven by changing consumer preferences and behaviours

  1. The rise of AUTHENTIC influencer marketing: Influencer marketing, where lately companies have started to work with not only popular but authentic social media personalities to promote their products or services or narratives, has become increasingly popular in India. This trend is likely to continue as companies look for new and innovative ways to reach their target audience with authenticity.
  2. The importance of corporate social responsibility: Consumers and stakeholders are increasingly expecting companies to be socially responsible and to have a positive impact on society. As a result, corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives are becoming an important part of corporate communication strategies in India.
  3. The use of SHORT video content: Video content, including live streaming and specially short video clips because of the short attention span of consumers, is becoming increasingly popular in India and globally. Companies are using video to connect with their audience and to tell their brand story in an engaging and visual way.
  4. The role of employee communication: Internal communication, or the way a company communicates with its employees, is becoming increasingly important in India. Companies are realising the importance of keeping their employees informed, engaged, and motivated, and are using a variety of channels, building in house tech platforms and new techniques to do so.
  5. The importance of media relations: With the rise of distrust for some not all social media influencers and concerns about fake news and misinformation, people are seen moving back to trusted media platforms such as traditional news outlets and credible journalists. This shift in consumer behaviour is likely to increase the importance of media relations for companies, as building and maintaining relationships with trusted media outlets and journalists can help companies ensure that their message is reaching a credible and engaged audience. Additionally, media relations can help companies position themselves as thought leaders in their industry and gain credibility with their target audience.
  6. The use of new media: In addition to traditional and digital media, companies in India are also starting to explore the use of new media, such as podcasts, for corporate communication. Podcasts can be an effective way to share company news and updates, as well as to showcase thought leadership and expertise in a particular industry.

In conclusion, companies are looking for new and innovative ways to connect with their target audience and build brand awareness and reputation in an increasingly digital and connected world. Understanding these trends may help companies effectively communicate their message to their target audience, gain credibility, thought leadership and achieve their communication goals.

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Amit Arora
A seasoned Marketing and PR professional with 18+ years of experience in crafting Marketing and PR strategies for leading corporates across India and South Asia. Currently working with REA India (, & as head of communications based in Delhi. Responsible for crafting internal and external communications strategy and implementation. Also spearheads Indian real estate Industry's first Podcast named as 'Keeping it real by'. Recently was named among the Reputation Today's 50 young Turks for the year 2022.

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