Press Release Revolution: AI, VR, and More in 2024!

I remember the first time I drafted a press release 16 years back. It was just text – no images, no videos, just plain, straightforward words. I took print outs of the release and distributed physical copies to the media, during media rounds and at the press conference. The goal was simple: to inform and to be picked up by as many news outlets as possible. 

Fast forward to 2024, and the contrast couldn’t be more striking. Gone are the days when press releases were just paragraphs and quotes. Now, they’re like a multimedia party, complete with videos, audio snippets, and all sorts of interactive elements. It’s like going from a black-and-white TV to a 3D cinema experience – but for PR!

It has had a glamorous makeover and here’s what it looks like!

The Interactive Video Format

Videos in press releases make everything better! Showing latest products, or services through engaging video content most definitely makes a better impact than explaining through text. Complementing this, interactive elements like infographics, clickable links, and social media integrations turn each release into an informative and interactive journey for the audience. It’s like giving our audience front-row tickets to the coolest show in town. 

Enhancing Visibility

Writing the releases for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ensures that the content doesn’t get lost in the vast expanse of the internet. It not only guarantees that our message reaches the people we want to engage with but also significantly boosts the brand’s online presence and visibility. It makes an impact in the crowded digital sphere.

Precision Over Volume

Sending press releases to blocks of emails, with hundreds of email ids, is so passe. Today the approach is more targeted and precise. Whether it’s engaging with bloggers, connecting with influencers, or strategically leveraging social media platforms, the focus is on reaching the most relevant and receptive audiences. This targeted approach ensures that your message resonates with the right people, creating meaningful interactions and building lasting relationships.

Joining the Conversation 

Social media platforms are at the center of press release distribution. They are instant, engaging, and provide a more direct line to the audience. Dropping press releases on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook have become pivotal in the distribution strategy. This facilitates real-time engagement and feedback, and allows brands to be part of the ongoing digital conversation.

Optimisation Through AI

How many of us have dreaded writing a press release at least once in our career? How many times has it crossed our minds, if only someone took a stab at it? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionising the creation and distribution of press releases. It is a great tool to create personalised, tailored content to diverse audience segments and optimising release timings for maximum impact.

Uncovering Insights 

Gathering data from press release dissemination is no more just about counting clippings, trickling in over weeks and months. We now have real time data that helps to understand what resonates and what doesn’t. By analysing engagement and interaction metrics, brands gain invaluable insights into the effectiveness of the releases. This data-driven approach informs future strategies, enabling a continuous refinement of content and messaging.

Creating Personalised Newsrooms

Imagine creating custom press release experiences for journalists through Virtual Reality (VR) tools? Every VR press release taking them to a customised environment based on their social profile to provide them first hand experience of a product or a service. Crafting content that fits each journalist or influencer like a glove. VR and AI are bringing in a new era to the world of press releases, also adding a new and exciting dimension to media relations.

Press releases in this age are fun, fresh, and fabulous! It’s a blend of technology, creativity, and good old storytelling that keeps this classic PR tool still relevant and impactful. 

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Payal Raj
Payal has 15 years of global communications and advocacy experience, covering broadcast business news, journalism, media relations, public affairs, and sustainability communications. She's worked across Asia, Europe, and North America. Currently, as Senior Manager of Sustainability Communications at Mars Pet Nutrition, North America, Payal's expertise encompasses strategic communications, crisis management, issues advocacy, and stakeholder engagement. Her blog provides a global perspective on PR trends and challenges, reflecting her diverse industry background.

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