Rising trend of cross-consultancy collaboration in PR

The PR landscape has changed significantly over the last few years. Especially after the Covid scenario brand managers across all the industries are busier than ever. With the onset of digital platforms such as social media, Web and content marketing, SEO, etc., their hands are full. Obviously, with so much work, a bigger team is needed. But how can you choose the right people and create something awe-inspiring for your client?

This question gave rise to the trend of Cross-Consultancy Collaboration across industry categories. The communication industry is no exception. This concept of enlisting multiple firms in PR is widely accepted and popular because they have proved to be more effective while working for the same client.

Industries are changing at a fast pace. Pervasive challenges that keep occurring every now and then can hardly be resolved with traditional solutions. It is best to break them down, pool resources, and distribute the work among the professionals. Small, specialised firms are comfortable collaborating with a variety of partners, offering them multi-dimensional programs.

In the current scenario, brands are becoming more and more customer-centric and hence, are constantly making efforts to enhance their customer experience. It is no longer possible for one consultancy to deliver all the PR communication requirements of the client, no matter how big the consultancy is. That’s why PR firms are more than ready to come together to work on delivering the unique demands of the client.

Changing PR dynamics with cross-consultancy collaboration

The evolution of digital channels is playing a big hand in boosting brand awareness and exposure. They are proven highly effective in promoting brand messages and campaigns. As clients are relying heavily on these channels, the need for PR firms to master this arena has become essential. Adding to the fact that today, most modern PR firms are smaller, and more agile, thereby being in a position to offer unique areas of expertise in specific fields.

To use the best, you need to expand your horizon and seek it. That’s what brands are going for. The client’s expectation has certainly been elevated to a whole new level. They have an entirely new set of expectations for the type of service they want their PR consultancies to deliver. They are deviating from their traditional ways and looking out in the favor of newer solutions.

With this new norm of cross-firm collaboration, brands are surprised to find that this norm is far more cost-effective, not to mention a great way to receive more attention and better service from the experts working on the ground level.

Perks of cross-consultancy collaboration

The benefits cross-consultancy collaboration provides the clients and firms are hard to deny.

Expansion of resources

Hiring more than one firm gives the brands the benefit of having a larger number of resources servicing them. This way, they have experts from specific disciplines who can counsel and support them in strategising effective and compact PR campaigns.

Access to a large audience

Undeniably, small firms working in the marketplace have greater access to the local audience. Collaborating with them helps the brands to reach out to a wider range of audiences.

Uncovers new opportunities for clients and consultancies alike

When two or more firms come together to work for a brand, new opportunities and ideas are uncovered, benefitting both the clients and firms.

Outcomes and accountability

Short term and long term outcomes and responsibilities are clearly defined. In this way, they can track and monitor each other’s progress.

Today it has become crucial for PR firms to work across organisational borders to achieve common goals for their clients. Client expectations are reaching a new level and PR firms and professionals are expected to offer a wide range of services. The best way to deliver such demands of the industry is to come together, collaborate, and work as a single unit to achieve successful outcomes.

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Atul Malikram
A passionate, enthusiastic, assiduous and a great motivator leading his team to its pinnacle; Atul began his career as a PR professional way back in 1999. His keenness to lead a PR team prompted him to work on diverse aspects of PR and established PR 24× 7 in 2006.
Known as a very trustworthy and reliable person especially during a crisis, his persistence was well paid off. Today his team consists of more than 75 PR Professionals.

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