Role of Public Relations amid COVID-19

Communication is the backbone of any sector or institution. It guarantees a seamless and concrete exchange of ideas between the representative, and the audience. It is the duty of the Public Relations team to administer persuasive and impactful corporate communication in any scenario, even in this pandemic situation. The pandemic has gradually clogged the conventional functioning of businesses and brands which has been initially resulting in a miscommunication and misguiding situations, however, the idea is to focus on making businesses, sustain their brand communication strategies even in this lockdown scenario.

To overcome this tiring situation, PR professionals are working 24/7 to maintain the equilibrium and strategising over creative ideas and planning strategies to manage to bring the client in limelight. Not only this they are coping up with current market scenario to keep their client’s active in the market.

The only way to get going with creative PR strategies is by taking a radical shift of brands and businesses to digital platforms and further ensuring their Online Reputation Management, which is not interrupted by the current scenario, infact this has seen a boost in reaching out the audience. The priority is to deliver fast, concrete, and useful news because the audience is agile these days regarding the pandemic, and they are constantly checking the disease statistics. This is a thriving opportunity for companies to aid their consumers leading to a long-lasting impression on their audience. This will definitely lead to a credible and persuasive relation. The idea is to communicate with them through webinars, creatives, community quotes and guest articles so you can help them make decisions online.

Clearly, this is a crisis state for many businesses like Travel and tourism, educational institutions, Food joint, etc. but necessary corporates are still equally active, such as FMCG, IT, Hospitality, Banking and Fintech sectors which are participating in a good number to make the public awareness regarding the pandemic and provide the essential services accordingly. For businesses like these, let the marketing ball roll in the same way. Let your target audiences get familiar with what you have to offer to them. 

In today’s era, a brand cannot turn a blind eye to build a strong digital presence but having specialisation in developing relevant digital content to engage target audiences is the need of the hour. In order to increase a client’s credibility and digital presence, PR team guides clients to contribute to various business-relevant platforms. Powered by judicious digital content created by the firm, clients are positioned as business leaders. Additionally, helping clients make use of influencer marketing, podcasts and webinars adds a new age dimension to PR. While print media is trustworthy and believable, an influencer is approachable, podcasts are easy to understand and webinars leave a great impression since they are directly communicating with the audience. PR firms function on the principle that amalgamating traditional PR with new age influencer marketing is an infallible recipe to generate the right engagement for any brand.

Brands are fighting to combat this pandemic and arousing situation by moving to digital platforms for both internal and external communications. Digital marketing is the most convenient way to progress steadily in this time period. The collective efforts of the PR professional and the corporates initiatives’ can do wonders in certain time frame.

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Ayushi Arora Gulyani
A firm believer of, ‘You ought to be very clear about the roadmap because the struggles come when the steps are not aligned with what you want,’ is a prodigious woman entrepreneur - Ayushi Arora Gulyani, Director & Founder of Media Corridors, a Marketing & Branding Agency aimed at making brands build an exemplary image in front of their target audience through engaging brand stories and creatives.

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