Social Media Marketing For Online Community Building

What goes into promoting your brand on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Linked In? Do you set up your account and start posting? Then, post the same content you shared on Facebook, Twitter and the rest. There is a reason these platforms differ, and there should be a good reason to differentiate content, too.

Go organic or paid; there has to be some planning and thought to Social Media Marketing.

Understanding where all your brand should be present, page, group, account, and how it can engage on that platform with your online community. While it is more for Business Promotion, a group will be anything related to a topic of interest, a like-minded audience or a company. An account will serve as a medium to post creative content as one would do on Instagram.

At DreamWeb India, we often say to build and Enhance Brands online; Only a robust social marketing strategy month-on-month can bring any brand to scale. I usually extend my personal life and work philosophy to Social Media, called the R.W.E.N. model (Research, Write, Extend & Network). It’s fascinating how people worldwide have shared opinions on specific topics, and they become your members and advocates and repost or reshare widely.

I reached a 2M on a tweet once, an unforgettable darting moment. I wish it were on a better topic, though. For a time, I realised the true meaning of the word Traffic Online.

You may think that the following three steps are all that you need:

  1. Setup an account
  2. Invite friends
  3. Post content

My friend, make no mistake, as it’s not that simple!

Talking Strategy

As marketing facilitators, we must prepare guidelines, tactics, mission, goals, values, content calendar, delegate team, and more. Have you ever thought about what you want to achieve through social media pages, groups, and accounts other than subscribe, follow, share and like?

Do you have S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound) social media goals? What values would a brand stand out in society – originality, respect, decency, information of value, engaging content, etc.?

Business-like online communities on Facebook, like Mompreneur, are built for monetisation. Fundraising communities are also there. 

Say, my social media company page aims to bring forth the latest company updates to my audience, and as a value, I want to stay original and creative in content. My objective is creative awareness about what my brand stands for and how one can benefit from my services. I want my audience to click on the link to my website to learn more or blog site to get valuable information. If I start a group, the direction will be different. I want my audience to engage with each other in a meaningful manner on topics that are of common interest and thought-provoking.

In groups, it is important to set guiding principles or a rule book to accept invites and user-generated content, comments or queries. On the contrary, what is derogatory is not allowed to create a healthy space to facilitate fruitful discussions or dialogue.

Engaging with audience

Track audience insights; you will also have polls and surveys to dig deep into the audience mindset – know their interest, backgrounds, demographics, and how they interact with others through online communities, groups, pages or accounts other than your owned media or platform.

Engaging with platform

Social media platforms are a great way to engage with your online community. Why are you on Facebook groups but not on Facebook pages; on Linked In but not Twitter?

If you have some consultancy or team member managing social media for you, money can be a significant constraint. Where should I put money to have the best output? Not having a one-to-all content posting strategy but a tailor-made strategy that helps the brand’s positive sentiments go up and speak for the Online Reputation of the brand—foster-on-one interactions with the audience on posts, direct messages, and reposts.

Which platform to use and where not to be? Some clients have not started social engagement when their business is over ten years old. Why this sudden need? Understanding this is important so content is optimised platform-wise to garner better connections.

One Brand Many Places

The logo of DreamWeb India is the same across social media channels. The hero banner, about us section, contact details, website and blog site details run similarly online, maintaining one brand identity.

Tactics on Social Media

So many of them – text or visual content, organic or paid process, poll and surveys (pull strategy) or broadcast updates (push strategy), to invite community members as a team, freebies or offer discounts for inviting more people to join, brand collaborations, hashtags and tagging, user-generated or co-created content, host webinars, live sessions, etc.

D.W.I. Content Studio

Presence and relevance, create and curate, connect and engage through posts, videos, reels, stories, photos, songs, questions and answers, poems, infographics…understand what kind of content goes viral!

You may think that the following five steps is all that you need to know:

  1. What to post?
  2. When to post?
  3. Where to post?
  4. Is the post trending?
  5. Is the post converting into a lead?

My friend, make no mistake, as it’s not that simple!

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Preeti Juneja
Preeti Juneja is a distinguished Marketing Specialist and the Founder of DreamWeb India, showcasing a profound passion for Branding and Public Relations. Commencing her career at Genesis BCW, she gained extensive experience working closely with prominent Consumer and entertainment brands like Horlicks, The Park, and National Geographic Channel.

As a Brand Manager at UTV Entertainment, Preeti successfully launched UTV World Movies, collaborating with international film industry figures and foreign embassies. She championed brand advocacy through impactful campaigns such as '30 Years of Child Rights and You (CRY).' With over 23 years of diverse industry experience, including a noteworthy role as CEO at Loginworks Softwares Pvt. Ltd., Preeti continues to drive business sustainability and growth. In her latest endeavour at DreamWeb India, Preeti passionately empowers new businesses through innovative online marketing and public relations strategies.

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