The changing face of Public Relations

Public Relations has evolved tremendously over the years. Gone are the days where writing press releases, making connections, and fighting for placement in prestigious publications for their client did all the talking in creating a buzz. PR today effectively plays a significant role in a brand’s storytelling, opinion building, shaping a brand’s image, and creating impactful connect with the customers. Traditional public relations was perhaps much easier than digital PR today. However, with the growth of content marketing and online consumption, the face of public relations changed forever.

Instead of seeking placements in the media, PR strategists must create and promote their own content. Along with that creating greater engagement with PR campaigns should be put to action by PR firms. While many PR firms have struggled under the current conditions, some have thrived. And there is one main reason: ‘diversification.’ Every business and organisation needs PR right now, in different ways, and with the evolving landscape of PR has opened many doors that helps your brand stand out. For success in PR and Communication, be collaborative, open to learning, credible and creative.

Content is King … or rather the kingdom

The phrase content is king has been echoing within PR, Marketing, and even in the show business for a while now. Most consumers today prefer to watch video format content online and also create themselves to attract their target market. The digital space has given a platform for businesses and creators to grown full-fledged. This means putting out content and telling stories consumers actually want to see and hear, without blatantly blasting them with features, specifications, pricing and appeals to buy. Even the president and spokesperson need to have a social presence in order to connect with the audience.

Digital PR

One sector within PR and most industries that are constantly booming is the digital space. As a result, digital public relations emerged – forcing brands and their PR experts to take their business online. Whether through interactive websites or fun personalities representing their social media pages, brands try to make communication more fun and appealing. These days doing Instagram LIVE sessions have become the ‘new normal’ for businesses and creators to engage with a larger audience remotely.

Advanced technology

The impact of technology on public relations is accelerating. As such, PR pros must determine how they can best leverage technology to stay relevant. Technology has also played a huge part in changing the face of PR. Media monitoring software, analytics, workflow applications, and the like help PR pros to process data faster, thereby improving their relationships with their customers. With AI, PR will be able to access all of the benefits that data analysis can bring, including a better understanding of the digital world.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is the hottest go-to strategy for businesses to attain consumer acquisitions and improve brand value. Today, Influencer Marketing is holding steady as an important element in any serious marketing. Almost 50% of consumers prefer to buy products recommended by influencers. They also tend to have a stronger engagement rate since they have better relationships with their 200,000 fans than celebrities have with their millions. People want to hear real stories from real people more than they want to read miscellaneous quotes sprinkled aimlessly across dozens of websites and publications. This is why Influencer Marketing has taken over the front seat to the narrative!

The strength of public relations lies in its ability to adapt and change. For this reason, there is no telling what PR may look like ten years from now, or even what it might look like tomorrow.

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Maddie Amrutkar
Maddie Amrutkar is a passionate entrepreneur, communications expert, and PR Strategist. After holding a master’s degree in Mass Media, he began his career in the media with a reputed news channel and later worked with various PR companies and handled top fashion & luxury brands.

After a five-year stint in PR, Maddie founded Glad U Came in 2015 which is now a leading PR & Influencer Marketing agency in Mumbai.

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