The Journey – Part I

Armed with an Ivy league MBA and a decade of experience working at a Tier 1 consulting firm, you decide it’s your time to make it large. You want to create the next digital commerce unicorn from India. The template has worked so far. You put together a crack team and build the MVP in just six months. With some effort and networking, you get quick successes including the first round of funding from enthusiastic investors who believe in your big idea and your founding team’s capabilities. You have a few thousand delighted customers to show. The media has been chasing you for what they believe is an unbelievable success story.

Things are just about looking up, when one of the founders backs out. He is the techie, the anchor, the main architect behind the platform. He has a medical emergency. Investors lose confidence in the core team as you fail to find a competent replacement for him. Fresh funding is no longer available while you use up the last remaining reserves to pay salary dues, now pending for over 3 months. The team motivation has bottomed out. You have to shut shop. You are disappointed with the way this has panned out. You have a young family and important responsibilities up your sleeve. Your wife had reluctantly decided to support your wild dreams. She puts her foot down. She wants to focus on her career rather than cleaning up your battle wounds each evening from your entrepreneurial adventure. You have worked hard to build a reputation. People respect you. Failures aren’t considered as admonishing in new India. Within weeks, you get a recommendation to join a multinational bank as their India VP. You accept it. 

It wasn’t a sad ending, but also not the desired ending. Every element in this story is a variable but it follows a structure. Let’s start with the following hypothesis.

Desire (Kama) leads to Actions (Karma) leads to Output (Results) leads to Destiny (Outcome). 

Decide what you want to do (not be).

Do the actions that lead you to it.

The output or results should be somewhat aligned to the actions.

The outcome or destiny is what happens to you.

The first three usually feel quite connected and logical. It’s the last one, destiny, that seems to break the pattern, the seamlessness and creates a feeling that you aren’t really in control as much as you think you are. 

The destiny is happening, it is an outcome which wasn’t planned. Your destiny is your uncertain future. This is what makes people nervous, shaky and scares them about what to expect the next minute. While destiny wasn’t planned, but it still occurred and keeps occurring in this journey. 

Those who ignore destiny do so in order to remain in control of their lives (at least in the mind). They are often surprised or shocked at outcomes that were completely unplanned. Those who are aware of the existence of destiny, are constantly grateful for the good things that happen to them as they begin to realise the futility of their actions. 

Is desire the first trigger for life? How does desire get created in the first place? Is desire a cause or an effect? If one thing indeed leads to another, then there must be something preceding desire and there must be something that follows destiny. Is it then a linear journey or a circular one? A circular journey may explain a few things better. If I connect destiny to desire in a way that destiny leads to desire and desire follows destiny, I start to get a few answers.

Guru Dàs
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