The Ripple Effect – How Self-Aware Leaders Create Positive Workplace Cultures

When I started my career journey, I am grateful that I got to learn not only these 5 words but how to understand and put these words into action – Energy, Energise, Integrity, Kaizen, Collaboration. I had the opportunity to work with some amazing leaders and also in a culture that had open door policy and skip level meetings with our central HR. We were also imbibed about ‘how to’ lead with example and that too consistently while also ‘how to’ always be in pursuit to not only bring out the best in yourself but also the immediate team that one works with.

As I practice at present, my PCC from ICF, I recognise certain aspects of self-awareness levels that was untapped within me and it forms a crucial part of who I am today more evolved as a human and a leader. . But let me also state that words such as leadership, strategy, culture are not just words, they are a mindset, a feeling, a belief to be practiced. Only then you give it wings to shape up.

Allow me to share 3 points that was transformational in my self-awareness journey and how it is consistently creating that ripple effect in strengthening a positive workplace culture.

  • The Difference

I observe that the words Coach, Mentor, Counseller, Consultant are used interchangeably at times whereas all are completely different interventions from each other, depending on discovering your need at that point. Ofcourse a Coach also has the expertise to wear the mentor hat, however, what’s more important is what is your immediate goal that you want to solve.

Mentoring is ideally a senior colleague, seen as more knowledgeable, extends advice while being a role model. Here the model is like a Parent and Child. Counselling is working with a client who seek guidance or advice around a dissatisfaction in life and supports by working on issues like distress/ anxiety. The model works like a Doctor and patient. Training is the process of getting knowledge skills or abilities by studying, teaching. The trainer is the subject matter expert on a particular topic and will demonstrate how its is done and will support you with all the things to need to bake the cake and will also show you how to bake. Model is like a teacher and student. On the other hand, your Coach works on the model of partnership where the Coach helps you evoke and raise your self-awareness via reflective questioning work and works on trust. A coach does not advise, and this is also one of the reasons why practicing becoming a Coach is not an easy task. Hence for effective leadership, I highly recommended getting a coach as its helps key values percolate, leading to better culture in work environments.

  • Regulating your emotions

For a moment, if we do not talk about leadership, a key daily challenge I observe is the need to regulate our emotions. This is something that comes over time with conscious practice and a coach can help evoke your self-awareness from various untapped areas within you. While reading the masterpiece by Daniel Goleman on Emotional Intelligence and during my practice as well, I recognised multiple ways that I could regulate and channelise my emotions better. In senior leadership positions, there are pressures and to maintain a calm helps in taking better decisions. Being a effective listener to ask reflective questions stems from EI which has a direct correlation to building a positive workplace culture. Few simple practices that has worked for me is finding my space with myself , taking care of the plants at my home, reflecting on happy memories and documenting my thoughts.

  • Knowing your purpose

My learning is that imbibing and cultivating values flows best as a top-down approach at workplaces where having a in-depth understanding of culture and the way you would want it to shape up while mapping it to “is your vision and goal driving your people in the way you would want it?”. When we have clarity in our core business purpose and what pain point are we solving for our customers, stakeholders and employees, then the ripple effect starts to take place because this also stems from a leader’s self-awareness.

To conclude this piece, I’d say, take a moment to reflect on your self-awareness and also tap into the getting a professional certified coach that could open up a new spectrum of visibility inside you. From my study, I found the study into “Who Am I” deeply interesting.

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Ankoor Dasguupta
Ankoor, President’s Select Member of Leaders Excellence [MLE] at Harvard Square, is a prominent figure in the industry, serves as a mentor, advisor, and speaker at the Indian Institute of Film Training & Digital Marketing (IFTDM). Holding a significant role on the Advisory Board of the Marketing Department at ISBR Business School, Ankoor is also on the Advisory Board of Global Mathematics & Mathematics Olympiad Graded Assessment Test with Competition. Ankoor is also an empanelled Speaker at SpeakIn which also runs the Indian Speaker Bureau.

Extending beyond academia; Ankoor has been honoured with the "CIRCLE OF EXCELLENCE 2024" award by Passion Vista and recognized as the "MAN OF EXCELLENCE, 2024" by the prestigious Indian Achievers' Award. Additionally, he received the "LEADER 2.0 AWARD, 2023" from adgully and was named a "DIGITAL KAIZEN LEADER by DigiAdCon 2024”, Ankoor’s contributions to the field of marketing are widely acclaimed, marking him as an inspiring thought leader in his domain. Ankoor is also a member of IMA India’s CMO Forum.

Ankoor is a key member of the esteemed International CMO Council, member of MarketingKind, and also a GLG Council Member. Ankoor keeps delivering lectures at top Business Schools and colleges at University of Delhi. As an industry expert, Ankoor has also been a member of the interview panel at MICA for their PGP Group Exercise & Personal Interview PI process for PGDM-C/PGDM selection for two consecutive years.

Recognized by DMA Asia as a marketing Ace, Ankoor is now also a LinkedIn Top Voice, advocate of social impact, driven by kaizen, Ankoor believes in the power of Energy and Energize

Ankoor is practicing his PCC (Level 2) coaching from the gold standard International Coaching Federation [ICF]. Ankoor is a people's person and has worked across functions in marketing and advertising with a pedigree of 24 years and ongoing exciting journey. Trained from Dale Carnegie in Mentoring to Develop Talent, Ankoor is a marketing practitioner, a coach, a knowledge manager, a team builder, a thought-leader, an avid writer with close to 100 published articles / interviews and is a Thought Leader, Ankoor wears the hat of a CMO as well. Ankoor's leisure pursuits are reading, effective listening and percussion.

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