The Warrior Mindset

Look around the world you live in and compare it to the world you lived in a decade ago.

Much has changed. Our environment, stress levels, social fabric, work culture, value system. Competition has increased manifold. Dirty competition too. It’s the law of the jungle that prevails. Survival of the fittest has come alive. Success at any cost, the rest is collateral damage. Uncertainty has become the only certainty. One thing that you will realise very clearly if you look at your life 10 years ago and now, is that hyper activity and speed is at the top of everything. Actually, you are at war all the time and this is why to succeed you need to develop a Warrior Mindset- to be successful at work and in your life.

When you develop a ‘Warrior Mindset’ you are literally in a mind frame to succeed at any cost. When in today’s world we are being showered with constant deterrents and new challenges, this mindset will give you the determination to achieve your goals somehow. Imagine a warrior going into dangerous enemy territory step by step, vigilant, alert and smart. You can do the same in your life and work provided you train yourself and develop a true ‘Warrior Mindset’ and develop a natural ability to face unforeseen challenges, changes -never giving up. Here are the fundamentals of developing a ‘Warrior Mindset’.

Embrace the VUCA world

Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity is what the VUCA world we live in stands for. You need to embrace the VUCA world and accept it as a way of your life and brace up accordingly. Most of us have transited from a stable and certain state to the continuous state of uncertainty we live in. As long as we adapt to our new environment we will be able to survive and succeed. Or else we get marginalised. Look at the Dinosaurs who did not adapt and today the entire species are extinct. The world we live in needs us to change very fast and be comfortable in flux. Only when you accept and embrace this new world order, will you be capable to ride the VUCA world wave with agility and determination.

Instill ‘Warrior Like Qualities’ in yourself

In my earlier columns I have spoken about OLQ or ‘ Officer Like Qualities’ which are a prerequisite in the armed forces. ‘WLQ’ or ‘Warrior Like Qualities’ is what you need to instill in yourself. The first quality is commitment to the mission which gives you the belief to ‘do or die’. A warrior is always alert and nimble on his feet. He is also ruthless in his approach . A Warrior never gets fazed. However cornered he is, he always finds a way. In the jungle, it’s not the weapons he carries that he depends on, but he uses the forces of nature to be his weapons. ‘WLQ’ makes you evolve to a ‘Warrior Mindset’.

Boost your tenacity and resilience

Just evolving to a ‘Warrior Mindset’ will just condition your mind to respond differently, but to be really effective you will need a healthy body and the ability to implement your new mindset. You will need to be smarter,  faster and boost your tenacity and resilience. It starts with having a  healthy body which can bear the pressures of change and give you the energy to zip ahead. Eat healthy, exercise more, keep fit and get enough sleep. Get into the gym and go further, jog longer and walk faster. Having a ‘Warrior Mindset’ drains a lot of energy.

Celebrate your successes and always keep a hidden reward for yourself as an incentive- when you do more and handle tough situations with panache and ease. A ‘Warrior Mindset’ is infectious and spreads to other people who are around you, whether at work or play!

‘ To be a warrior is to be genuine every moment of your life’ Chogyam Trungpa

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Amitesh Banerjee
Amitesh is a seasoned positive integrated communications disruptor with several years of multi- country/multi- domain experience. He has worked for reputed organisations in senior leadership positions including JWT, ITC, New Zealand Dairy Board, Seychelles Marketing Board, Perfect Relations, Genesis BCW, Adfactors, Della Group, H+K Strategies among others. Amitesh is Senior Vice President of Beanstalk Asia- a leading Integrated Marketing Communications firm.

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