Think before you text…

SMS and instant messaging platforms definitely have their advantages.

By this, I mean getting almost real time responses on approvals for work or an opinion from a friend on what to wear, even sending your doctor a picture of your broken tooth or a rash on some embarrassing part of your anatomy;  getting on-the-spot advice and solutions are actually bliss, a testament to progression and an almost fantastic solution to “ease of doing business.”

Technology and its wonders have never ceased to amaze me. Today – work, life and even death is tech-enabled for the most part. One can access virtually anything or any event worldwide: be it witnessing the spectacular super pink moon online or watching the riveting Bolshoi theatre or attending a deceased relatives prayer meeting in Ludhiana.

When I was growing up, instant as a word was mostly used to prefix coffee; and yes – I am not exactly Gen Z! However, it now appears there’s nothing, that’s not quite instantly possible?

But has this age of immediacy and the “Here and Now” expectation taken away from the charm and magic of anticipation; learning and the real satisfaction of having connected with someone over a conversation – even if without freshly brewed coffee, or the effectiveness of an in-person meeting?

Whilst technology continues to advance and create many more infinite possibilities, isn’t it up to us, the human- race to calibrate its uses? After all, the objectives that it was created for, can be defeated – if we skew its potential to suit and subscribe to our digital laziness?

Texting or Whatsapping an invite for a wedding, forward informing a near one about someone’s passing, dismissing a colleague on zoom, or venting on a social media channel is not about convenience; oft times almost tantamounts to indifference, dis-respect, or cowardice.

By all means use digital mediums for the right reasons – from amplifying your company’s or brand’s message, to sharing insights, spreading knowledge, constructive opinions and helping people.

One must also highlight, WhatsApp and channels like Twitter, played an extremely crucial role in rapidly disseminating information during the 2nd Covid wave; when communities came together to aid others in looking for hospital beds, oxygen cylinders or urgent medical care.

The benefits are innumerous: however, as we slowly creep back from WFH, it maybe time for each of us to step back and consciously evaluate how not to overuse tech platforms to the extent – where life doesn’t seem like it’s merely transactional or functional?

Let’s pick up the phone again and talk to friends, invite them personally if you really want them to attend your daughter’s wedding, or meet your colleague or ex- boss, even if it’s something you merely want to vent about?

Just think before you routinely text or send that next instant message as a given.

You won’t regret it – after all, old is gold: let it work it’s magic.

The views and opinions published here belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the publisher.

Rakhee Lalvani
VP, Public Relations and Corporate Communications, IHCL

Rakhee heads PR and Corporate Communications for IHCL on a global scale. With almost 27 years of experience within the hospitality industry , she has held several roles in the realm of Sales & Marketing at IHCL. She is currently responsible for handling PR and Corporate Communications on a global scale for about 151 hotels across all its brands; Taj, Vivanta, SeleQtions and Ginger. She provides advice and guidance to the Managing Director and Executive Committee on companywide communications related issues, interfacing with media and acting as company spokesperson, developing strategic relationships with media.

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