This is not my workplace. It is my home.

Every morning – for more than two decades now – I eagerly begin my day headed to my workplace (that I call home), delighted by yet another opportunity to be with my family members, to ideate and to think of something new for my clients. For me, Adfactors PR is comforting in its environment; friendly with its people; and of course, exciting with its excellent set of clients. 

Ours is a company where partners’ transformation is nurtured, and information is not merely intimated or rolled down. The firm adds value to teams rather than simply mining it from them. The institution stands for something significant. The work itself is naturally satisfying, and there are no constraining rules. The engagement across partners is so intense that everyone is always ready to outthink and outperform their selves. Consequently, outcomes are also evident in delivering high client satisfaction and attention to detail. The leadership team welcomes partners to express openly at work, which also shows organisational trust and helps strengthen & improve individual performance, while encouraging them to collaborate passionately. 

Our organisation’s forte is our rich philosophy built on simple beliefs: freedom, honesty, fearlessness and transparency amongst others. Continuous, incremental value addition for building reputation for clients is also a part of our value system. This philosophy enables societal interface, cooperation and uncluttered communication. This collaboration leads to fantastic results, and we thrive on this collaboration. 

For the past 25 years, the firm has evolved and worked in a direction to be relevant for all stakeholders. Learning and sharpening our skills – no matter what level(s) we are at – is an imperative here. The best part of this is the emphasis given to learning and development is not quantifiable. It is based on a deep sense of purpose and commitment. Few organisations in the country, even fewer in the business of communications, have this single-minded devotion to self-motivation and upskilling. We are, therefore, truly indebted. This is why we pledge to have a strong company culture, which is associated with high-performance and self-satisfaction. Our partners tend to be more inspired and loyal to our mentors who invest in our well-being and contentment.

I joined Adfactors in the late 1990s; only to quickly realise that this was a dream come true for me. I had never felt so much warmth, a feeling of being at home in any other organisation before this. 

The views and opinions published here belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the publisher. This article is part of a SILVER JUBILEE series by Adfactors PR commemorating their 25th year in the business of Public Relations.

Saurabh Saxena
With more than 25 years of experience in media relations, crisis communications, issues & corporate reputation management consultation -- managing perceptions of the stakeholders group, currently leading core sector (Energy, Infrastructure, Oil-Gas-Power, New Energy, Steel, Cement, Manufacturing and related businesses) practice in Delhi.

Professional with client centricity at the core believes in everything is possible. One who believe in earned relationship capital built on trust and confidence of all stakeholders.

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