Three sustainability examples from Earth Day

All of us would remember observing Earth Day from our school days when lights went out at all homes at a pre-decided time. The Earth Day has a huge significance on sustainability actions around the world as it brings in to focus the impact that we have on natural resources each day.

2021 marks the 51st anniversary of the annual celebrations of this special day and this year’s chosen theme resonates well with the kind of actions required, ‘Restore Our Earth’. The United Nations in 2009 designated April 22 as ‘International Mother Earth Day’.

I bring three great examples of Sustainability actions in this week’s column.

Nagpur Hospital urges recovered COVID patients to plant trees

The current COVID situation in India is a grim reminder of how unequipped we are to save lives in the face of a pandemic. For the past week, various state governments have been working tirelessly to procure as much O2 Cylinders and concentrators as possible. A hospital in Nagpur has urged recovered COVID patients to plant trees and give back to nature. The below quote from a news report says enough about using natural resources responsibly. Mother Earth has enough oxygen for us all provided to safeguard it. Something that we take for granted has been in such a short supply and has costed many lives and pushed many families in to grief and despair.

“You have consumed 1,44,000 liters oxygen to recover. Now, plant 10 trees to give it back to nature.” This is an appeal made to a Covid-19 patient on a Nagpur hospital discharge summary. The patient, a 41-year-old woman, had recovered after spending a week in the ICU.

Global FMCG Player announces new detergent made from carbon emissions.

Achieving a circular economy needs innovation and investment in technology and the persistence to achieve the vision. Unilever on Earth Day announced the creation of laundry capsules made from industrial carbon emissions where fossil fuels were being used earlier. This process also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 82pc when compared with the use of fossil fuels. Not only does this step reduce the dependence on fossil fuels but also converts industrial waste into an usable product and this also comes at no additional cost to the consumer, hence making it a more viable product.

NASA enables conversations through their Connected by Earth Campaign

“NASA’s investment in space – both the unique Earth science conducted in orbit and the technology developed by living in space and exploring the solar system and universe – returns benefit every day, particularly when it comes to environmental issues. From documenting and understanding Earth’s changing climate to creating green technologies, NASA helps us live more sustainably on our home planet and adapt to its natural and human-caused changes.”

A day long virtual event touched topics on climate change, life in space, plants in space and the earth’s role in solar system. They also encouraged viewers to start their own garden. The NASA’s ambitious projects include growing fresh vegetables on International Space Station.

Well, it is much easier to grow those green right here on this planet!

What is your memory of earth day and what are the sustainability actions that you take in your daily lives? Let me know in the comments.

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Nadhiya Mali
Nadhiya Mali is a communications professional with a 13-year experience in PR, reputation management, CSR, and Sustainability. Currently she leads the Corporate Communications of one of India’s leading chains of laboratories.

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