Engaging Social Intranet: Need of the Hour

Communicators do realise the importance of building a social network for the leadership and employees of the organisation. But more often than not it is difficult or impossible convincing the stakeholders to believe in it, utilize, engage and reap benefits of it. Let’s explore the steps involved in making it a success.

Corporate houses are well aware that the popularity of Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs) is growing by leaps and bounds worldwide. Social intranet not only boosts internal communication but also help employees meet goals and connect with each other.

Convincing the Leadership

To kick-start the project of social intranet implementation communicator has to first convince the leadership. The convincing of leadership is required not just to start with the project but also be convinced to use it and be active on it. They ought to engage with the employees via intranet. They simply have to believe in it. That’s the very foundation of success for social intranet.

Communicators have to deal with and overcome the challenges from leaders about internal social tools. They may sometime have to coach leaders to get their vital participation on social intranet. In Indian scenario and the organisations which are still led by not so tech-savvy people that’s a tough task.

As the communicators are well aware of the strength, weaknesses, passion, hobbies and likings of the leaders, the same topics can be employed for luring the leaders to be active on social intranet.

Boost Engagement

There are various tools that can be used to boost adoption rates for internal social network. What used to be the topics of discussion around water cooler now make for threads of the forum on intranet. Web chats, contests, awareness, non-controversial topics of national or social interest, etc. can lure executives to join and remain engaged.

All you need is a bit of education and motivation for employees to use internal social media. The trial and error technique is ok to try. Some of the social tools may not become a hit as per the expectations but then that’s how the network grows. Keep trying and experimenting – that’s the key. Employees initially will shy away for sure and claim that they’re too busy to chat and engage. They may have nothing to share to start with. Admin will have to play an active role in the initial phase and put in extra efforts to ignite the conversations and make the forums attractive. Initially the workers will be reluctant to comment but the scene starts changing with time and efforts. Educating employees on why and how to use internal social media brings a lot of difference.

Merit badges are far more than just fun. A mix of online and offline activities produces great results.

Social Network to Boost Productivity

To gain real good results from social intranet the organisation must build it on sound principles. The basic aim should be to help employees meet goals, connect and engage. It’s all about building a community.

The entire exercise of creating an engaging social intranet leads to building and strengthening team spirit, a sense of loyalty and dedication. Workers encourage and support each other thus creating a better work environment and enhancing the productivity, both in terms of quality and quantity.

Indicators of an Engaging Social Intranet

  • Leaders invest time on internal network
  • Employees use it for work regularly
  • Employees engage with each other on it
  • Engages employees and leaders
  • It produces real business results
  • Fulfils real business needs
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