We accept the life we think we deserve; It’s time we change this

By now I am sure everybody would have heard about the recent passing of CCD Founder, Mr. VG Siddhartha and hopefully not forgotten. I had not known him personally or had a chance to ever meet him, but I was extremely sad to hear when the fishermen found his body cause until then I was still praying that he would be safe somewhere. While we sit and think about how sad the entire situation is, we really can’t even begin to imagine what he would have gone through before he actually decided to take the plunge, remember taking one’s own life is not an easy step to take. Then why do people still go ahead and take such extreme steps, do they not think about their loved ones even once, is their no hope left to turn around the situation. Why do they GIVE UP? Why do WE Give up?

Just in past one week, I would have heard at least five tragic death reports. We are living in a world, where the level of stress is so much that either we happen to take our own lives or the life takes us. How many cases have you heard, where a young professional doing extremely well in life, died all of a sudden while on the job. Every other day we hear about people dying of heart attacks at the age of 35-45. Is that really an age to die of a heart attack? I never heard of such a thing in the past but seems like we are losing more and more people of heart attacks these days. Should we blame the WORK for killing us or is the toxic environment that we live in? Either way, I think it is time that we open our eyes and see the harsh reality staring at all of us.

Life has become such a rat race where everyone is just trying to up their game to beat the competition behind. Companies are asking for innovation, to put in more hard-work, weekends don’t look like weekends anymore, pressure to deliver and deliver on time, constant comparisons being made … phew and this list is endless. Then you get to hear of job cuts happening in almost every sector. Today, the auto sector is bleeding, a while back it was some other sector and it will be some other a few months down the line. Where does this madness end? How does one survive amongst all this chaos? 

Can corporates come together and join hands to find a solution to this problem? How can we ensure a stress-free environment for our employees…can work flexibility be an option? Can we also explore four-days a week, work option? Well, I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to at least start from somewhere. At the same time, it’s very important that we become a bit more understanding and supportive towards anyone going through a troubled phase. Talk, talk, talk before it gets too late. 

Life’s too precious to lose it like this. While the work will happen, let’s all take a moment to think if putting ourselves through this trauma is worth it. And I’m sure the answer is ‘NO’.

Vandita Sheoran
Vandita is a communications professional with 13 years of work experience in brand building, influencer marketing, crisis management and marketing communications.

During her tenure she, has had the opportunity to work with some of the largest corporations in the start-up, Information Technology, luxury, broadcast and FMCG sectors. As an experienced communication specialist, she has worked with brands to help build their communications strategies and objective to achieve their business goals.

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