When Life Seems Falling Apart…Rise Like a Phoenix

The past few days have been very challenging. Certain unexpected events have turned all plans upside down, resulting in irritation and distress. The present circumstances are critical, but I am optimistic to find a solution. Unfavourable situations allow us to get out of our comfort zones and explore our true potential. However, sometimes circumstances can be too overwhelming to maintain a calm state of mind. Any emotional disturbance can reduce our ability to think rationally, and impact productivity. In a demanding profession like reputation management, the pressure of staying ahead of the curve can be exhausting. Lack of work-life balance, constant urge to multitask, unreasonable deadlines can cause stress and hamper performance. Emotional Intelligence plays a significant role in managing and reducing the adverse impact of stress on the body and mind. Taking a pause and bringing stillness can help to a great extent in navigating difficult situations. Here are three things communications professionals can explore to maintain emotional stability in times when everything seems falling apart.

Clean Your Outside World – Make room for New things

Too many choices and alternatives can make decision-making difficult. The best way to clear confusion is to declutter your outside world. When you feel overwhelmed, start reorganising material stuff in your home and office. Declutter your space, and discard unused papers. Throw away things you haven’t used for more than a year. Clean your gadgets by removing unwanted apps, files and folders. Decluttering has a psychological impact on the mind. It allows room for new ideas and gives a sense of refreshment. A simple act of reorganising your wardrobe or freeing up space in your home can help you shed the load of heightened emotions and bring stillness to life. Try it out.

Clean Your Inside World – Get rid of Emotions that no longer serve you

When we are passionate about our work, we tend to get emotional about things we do. There is nothing wrong in giving heart and soul to something we truly love. However, when we become less receptive to diverse opinions and become defensive, things backfire. Keeping a little distance can help to avoid mental distress when we don’t get anticipated results. Sometimes there is no instant answer, but we start to put pressure to turn things in our favour. It may not be beneficial in the long run. Focus on things you can manage rather than worrying about situations which are out of your control. Meditation helps in building resilience and addressing situations as they are. Take a pause and breathe to create a curing energy for self-healing.

Make Resolutions – Set Priorities of your life and take Charge

Change is only constant. The more resilient you are, the better you accept new life situations. Set priorities for your personal and professional goals and start addressing the crucial aspects of your life. Connect to things which are pure and whole rather than running behind superficial pressures. Make a resolution and set a course for your life. Whether having a successful career, having great relationships, leading a healthy lifestyle, exploring arts or developing wisdom, have a clear goal and start working on it. Everything will eventually play out, but allow things to clear themselves. You can incorporate this strategy in every aspect of your life to help us resolve conflicts. The more still you can get, the more energy will come into your life.

Everything I share is not for you to believe but to test for yourself. As said in Buddhism, do not take anything as blind faith. Try and test it for yourself. Hopefully, it may help you walk on the right path.

The views and opinions published here belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the publisher.

Priyanka Pugaokar
Priyanka Pugaokar is a communications professional with expertise in internal and external communication, crisis communications, content generation and media relations. She holds over ten years of combined experience in communications and business journalism. She is currently associated with Rashi Peripherals Limited as Corporate Communications Manager and leads several strategic projects. She is an avid travel explorer. A lifelong learner, she holds interest in yoga, naturopathy, energy healing and crystallography.

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