Where I can be “me”!

In 2017, as a young mother of a 13-month-old, I walked into a quiet office of 40 people. They, made the little, quaint office on Union Street in Bangalore, look big enough to accommodate my aspirations. Five years into my journey here, sitting out of a 100-seater office on Central Street, in Shivajinagar, and writing this little ode between client calls, I can sense the sea change that has occurred in my years here. Much of this change and growth have been brought about by culture preservation – a quenchless thirst for being the best for our people and clients. 

Born out of the passion of two tireless individuals, Adfactors PR has played a pivotal role in capturing the minds of many individuals on the true potential of reputation building and the role it plays in growing the business and attracting the right talent. 

For most outsiders, Adfactors PR will always be an enigma – they know so much but understand so little of how we do, what we do. And this is our Secret Sauce. However, everyone who engages with the organisation acknowledges how our culture extends to our clients and partners as well. 

As we complete 25 years, it is interesting to know that we have weathered two of the world’s worst economic downturns of the 21st century – the global financial crisis of 2009 and the global pandemic raging since 2020. Both these events have proved to be the litmus test for businesses across the world. Many were razed down or downsized. Many even got taken over or went short on spends. But my work family did exactly what we did with our families – we nurtured and supported each individual and their families. This meant spending more on what mattered- upskilling, making remote working possible, honoring job offers, extending opportunities to care, providing financial aid, promoting mental-wellness and being more available to our clients. This culture of people first, is what made us the only leading consultancy to achieve growth in the worst year ever.

In any other year, this single digit growth would have been insignificant or ignored. But in the wake of the worst humanitarian crisis and fears of stagflation amidst strained geopolitical developments, it felt like a golden trophy. As time heals the wounds and anxieties of a difficult pandemic time, we will look back and see what we accomplished and how we stood tall. It validates how our unwavering culture preserved us and made us rise like never before. 

In the era of Great Resignations, Great Regrets and Quiet Quitting, people quip why I continue here. My response is simple, because my company cares for me and I fear I will not find the same warmth, acceptance, liberty and opportunity for growth anywhere else. 

This place didn’t give me an identity, but it helped me preserve my true character without having to feign diplomacy. It gave me the opportunity, freedom and free hand to grow the way I want to, and do so at my own pace. 

Our work is an embodiment of our true potential, so I hope you find a home away from home, where you can be your unabashed self, like I did mine. 

The views and opinions published here belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the publisher. This article is part of a SILVER JUBILEE series by Adfactors PR commemorating their 25th year in the business of Public Relations.

Sherin Varghese
Sherin Annie Varghese is Senior Account Director at Adfactors PR

A reputation management consultant with 13 plus years of experience in Global and Indian PR firms, her areas of interest and expertise lie in conceptualising, designing and programming national level public relations mandates that encompass, brand building, corporate profiling, leadership communication, employer branding, reputation management and crisis counsel.

In her little over a decade's experience, Sherin has worked on Fortune 500 Companies, Global as well as Indian Conglomerates, in the sectors of Business Services, HR, BFSI, Telecom & Tech, IT/ITES, R&D, Pharma, Healthcare and Real Estate.

Currently at Adfactors Public Relations, Sherin leads a 17 member strong team of senior managers, domain experts and outreach Specialists, orchestrating Client Servicing Operations, Communication Strategies and Business Development.

Sherin is an alumnus of Manipal School of Communications and Christ University.

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