The ABC Prize

Seven organisations collaborate to create the all-new ABC Prize

The Ace Business Communicator Prize aims at recognising and rewarding young in-house communicators – A collaboration by seven organisations including ICG, MxM India, The Holmes Report, School of Communications & Reputation, On Purpose Consulting, Reputation Today and the Promise Foundation.

A consortium of organisations led by the Promise Foundation, is pleased to announce the revamped Ace Business Communicator Prize for young in-house professionals, which will see two young communications professionals flown to the PRovoke17, organised by The Holmes Report in Miami in October.

The ABC Prize was instituted to encourage young talent in communications. Professionals will individually respond to a brief on social change in a record time which will be evaluated by senior members of the ICG (Indian Communicators Group) as well as Arun Sudhaman of The Holmes Report and Girish Balachandran of On Purpose Consulting. The brief is available at the end of this note. The winners will be publicly announced at PRAXIS 2018 and will be funded to travel to the Global PR Summit.

To be eligible for the prize the individual should be born on or after January 1st 1983 and should have a valid passport. The contest opens on 15th March and the last date to submit the responses is 30th March.  Entries should be submitted with a scanned copy of the passport. The response to the case should be sent as a pdf with file name ABC Prize 2018_First name_ Last name and the same to be mentioned in subject line as well and sent to team at reputationtoday dot in.

The jury will decide the winners by May 10th and the two individuals will be informed by June 1st in order to make visa and flight arrangements.

The winners will have the opportunity to join PR and communications leaders from around the world at PRovoke17, courtesy The Holmes Report. The annual summit takes place in Miami on 24th and 25th October.

PRovoke17 is a high-level forum held annually in Miami, that aims to provoke senior practitioners around the critical issues facing the profession and the companies it serves. The summit attracts a diverse group of top-tier speakers and delegates from across the globe, including more than 60 brand side speakers in 2016 alone.

The prize worth Rs 1.5 lakh each in kind includes a round-trip economy flight ticket to Miami from an Indian metro and visa costs wherever applicable, supported by ICG and Reputation Today and its partners, a two-day delegate pass to PRovoke from The Holmes Report and stay for two nights in Miami supported by On Purpose Consulting and the School of Communications & Reputation (SCORE). The winners also get an opportunity to be mentored by Seema Ahuja and Shravani Dang – both senior communicators who are supporting the prize in their personal capacity. Additionally, they have access to the leadership at On Purpose Consulting. The winners also get complimentary access to one edition of PRAXIS of their choice but does not include stay and travel. This is courtesy Chitrangada Maitra and Bodhisatya Basuthakur – two Indian origin communications professionals currently based overseas.

The Case – 2017

Driving a culture change programme to make India’s roads safer

India driving is known for disrespect of traffic rules. Worse still, drivers show no respect to pedestrians. Most of us fail to stop at zebra crossings, or even the stop line at a red light. We have little sense of driving in lanes or indicating before we change and use horns like they’re going out of style.

  • How do we define the problem of irresponsible driving in India?
  • What would impact metrics look like?
  • Why are we like this only? What will it take for us to become better drivers?
  • What would a campaign to drive behaviourial change on how to drive responsibly look like?
  • Who are the key stakeholders and how would we engage them for collective action?