Public Relations for the Home-City

In 2017 I have travelled to Mangalore, my home town more number of times than I did in the ten preceding years. I had personal and business reasons to go there. The added advantage was the launch of direct daily flights from Delhi to Mangalore. Each time I visit, I ensure a sight or a dish I’m eating is captured to share on Twitter. Once when I tweeted about Mangalore, my editor-friend Anant Rangaswami called and shared an idea of creating a curated experience of the city for those who wanted to experience Mangalore from the lens of a local. I have been toying with the idea of building a property around it and so Visit Mangalore Day was born. We will do it twice. Once in July and again either in December or January. I have zeroed on the first Sunday of July for the first one. Mangalore is a very different city during the monsoons and I wanted a dozen people to sign up to get a feel of the city. The way it will work is as follows: Those interested will make their travel arrangements to be in Mangalore on or before 30th June or latest by 9 am on 1st July. Thereafter, we will undertake activities including delicious meals over two days that also includes a private event. People are free to leave on night buses on July 2nd or flights anytime on July 3rd. The cost per head will be Rs 2000/- and this includes four meals and all the activities. The entire collection will go to a cause in Mangalore.

I’m also offering free accommodation for the first four people who send flight tickets from Mumbai or Delhi, latest by April 18th. The next set of eight people who send flight tickets and hotel booking get a waiver on the experience fee as well. The idea is that this should help Mangalore get new set of tourists and so others should try the same experiment with their cities. If we do not undertake Public Relations drives for our home cities, then who will?

I wish I had a large home to accommodate all the twelve people I plan to offer this experience to. Book your stay at Taj Gateway, Goldfinch or Ocean Pearl

The proposed schedule for two days will be something like:

Day 1

  1. Assemble at St Aloysius College Chapel at 10.00 am for a visit
  2. Visit to one of three historic temples at 11.30 am
  3. Lunch at Machli at 1.00 pm
  4. Time at the beach from 4.00 pm until sunset
  5. Ice cream at the world-famous Pabbas at 7.00 pm
  6. Cocktails and conversation at Gajalee 9.00 pm onwards

Day 2

  1. Time to shop for silks, cashews and sweets 10.00 am to 11.30 am
  2. Lunch at a colonial style Mangalore home with hosts at 12.30 pm
  3. Private event with high tea between 4.00 pm and 6.00 pm
  4. Dinner at Madhuvans – the Village at 8.00 pm

I hope this experiment does well. To sign up, head to

See you soon in Mangalore. I take in pride in my home town. You too should…


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Amith Prabhu
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