004. Lead, Internal Communications at Eicher Motors

This is a senior role in the Corporate Communications team and primarily responsible for creating the strategy and executing the Internal Communications mandate with Royal Enfield.

Work experience needed: 7-10 years

A 360 degree understanding of communication and experience of using new age tools is a must for this role. In addition, good content capabilities and stakeholder management are key asks. The broad job description will include:

  • Drafting the Internal Communications strategy with key communication messages and measurable objectives
  • Execution of the campaign and activities as part of it on a sustained basis
  • Creating and running an advocacy program for the internal audiences and creating ambassadors amongst employees
  • Ideating and supporting employee engagement activities
  • Ensuring smooth functioning of communication tools and assets with regular updates
  • Identifying and creating thought leadership opportunities for the Management
  • Designing and executing a campaign for employer branding
  • Aiding change management and communication and building the culture of the organisation
  • Drafting all communication collaterals and messaging
  • Curating and telling stories within the organization
  • Process and metric keeper for the Communication function
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