10 New Life-Changing Skills

We have been having conversations about the recession, job cutbacks, and retrenchments for a while now. Hence, up-skilling, re-skilling, and skill development have all been mentioned as ways to advance professionally. The need to stand out in the extremely competitive world we live in, whether it is through your credentials or unparalleled experience, becomes inevitable. Rajesh Srivastava, a seasoned marketing genius, offers you a wealth of experiences and tales to draw on in his book 10 New Life-Changing Skills. The book’s content is applicable and relatable in every way.

What does the book cover?

Both the world and the way we operate have changed. It is more important to think, ponder, and act than simply following orders. The fundamentals of thinking, reflecting, and acting in order to advance in your profession are covered in the book.

Higher level cognitive skills, management skill, social skill, and emotional skill comprise the book’s four divisions. The aforementioned sections contain integrations of the top ten skills. Each chapter is very simple to read and understand. You can learn something new from each page’s narrative. How to create a brand, how to connect with your target market, what tools to employ to increase your sales potential, and ways to revive a failing brand or product. This outstanding book contains all of that and more. The book includes several anecdotes from world leaders and top performing brands.

Picking up few simple and key insights from the book:

  • Influence without authority (very insightful chapter): One needs to master the art of influencing if you aspire to lead people or drive change. It will enable you to bring others to your way of thinking. Strategies shared by the author such as ‘Change the context’, ‘Earn Trust’, ‘Inside – outside strategy’ are some of the great learning tools for all of us.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: looking out for opportunities, aspirational, solution seekers, challenge status quo, growth mindset – these are some of the traits personifying ‘Entrepreneurial Spirit’. Stories of inspirational leaders like Mukesh Ambani, Thomas Edison, Rahul Dravid, Jack Ma, Elon Musk are part of this chapter
  • Lifelong learning: Be a lifelong learner in a volatile, uncertain and complex world disrupted by technology, says the author. – as it will accelerate your career advancement, enhance self – confidence and will help you to remain relevant and face the unexpected – calling it a ‘passport’ to being a lifelong winner

What’s in it for me?

The stories and experiences were truly worth reading. The skills mentioned are realistic and applicable to the genre of work we do in the communications world. Every chapter has insights which help you reflect on your style of working and the best practices you can adopt. I enjoyed reading this masterpiece.

My recommendation

This book is highly advised for the younger generation of managers and executives to read because it contains many relatable anecdotes. Each chapter’s content is quite well organised, and you can learn something new from each one.

The views and opinions published here belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the publisher.

Sarika Chavan
Sarika Chavan is a public relations professional with over 15 years of work experience . She is currently working with Weber Shandwick as Vice President - Client Experience.

Previously she was employed at Adfactors PR, Text100 (now Archetype) and Perfect Relations. With keen observation and analytical skills, Sarika has successfully led PR campaigns for key brands across multiple sectors by leveraging her strength and expertise in the communications arena.

She is a post graduate in communications from Xavier Institute of Communications. She is based in Mumbai and in her free time loves to spend time with her daughters, play with her dogs, read and travel.

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