A Case of Communications Brilliance!

Living in a quaint city in the American South, oceans away from my country, I found myself completely engaged in the celebrations of the Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha. I felt every wave of joy, and the brilliance of the event. This connection, while partly due to my conversations with folks back home, was mostly through the world of social media.

Platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook were alive with content about Ram Mandir. It seemed like every Indian influencer, regardless of their niche – be it fashion, Bollywood, food, travel, or wellness – had caught the Ram Mandir wave, creating and sharing content that resonated with the spirit of the event. The variety in the kind of content truly amazed me. 

To me, this wave is more than a display of faith; it proves the power of social media which can bring people from across the globe together over this singular cause. But what made this campaign resonate so profoundly, not just nationally but also internationally? While there will be more comprehensive analyses of this remarkable phenomenon in the days ahead, here are my preliminary thoughts on why this campaign emerged as a resounding success.

Content Driven

Central to the success of the Ram Mandir campaign was the variety of engaging content shared by people from across the globe. Posts, videos and stories varied from interesting facts about the mandir to recipes of prasad to face painting art to Pinterest boards on Ram Painting wall art for home décor! The variety and quick consumable content formats struck a chord with a diverse audience irrespective of age and race. Additionally, personal anecdotes, heartfelt messages, and visually striking images told a story that went beyond mere celebration; they spoke of heritage, unity, and a shared sense of purpose. This mix of content, balancing fun and sentiment, contemporary trends and timeless emotions, played a crucial role in transforming the Ram Mandir event from a mere news item into a globally shared experience. 

Unified Storytelling 

At the heart of the Ram Mandir communication success lies its remarkable resonance with a diverse, global audience. It was a spontaneous, people-driven movement which appealed to one thing we hold on to when we have lost everything. And that is FAITH. It connected individuals from different walks of life through a shared heritage and belief system. The widespread use of digital platforms to share this event was a natural, collective expression that reached millions worldwide. Hashtags, live streams, and online engagements were spontaneous. Further, the seamless coordination among various stakeholders – from government to religious leaders and local communities – demonstrated the power of synchronised collaboration. This collective effort underlines that when diverse voices come together, the impact they create is both profound and far-reaching. 

Balancing Delicate Narratives

Ram Mandir is probably one of the most contentious issues in India after Kashmir. In the past, every mention of the temple brought with it a possible religious clash within the country. But this time, it was different. It was not a matter of political or religious contention- a natural occurrence in any faith-related discourse. Instead, it was a phenomenon, largely due to well-managed narrative. There was a careful balancing act to ensure that the messaging was not divisive. It was particularly interesting to see how a potentially polarising event such as this steered the conversation towards inclusivity and mutual respect. 

As I reflect on the Ram Mandir event from my vantage point in Nashville, a city worlds away from Ayodhya, I see it as more than just a moment in religious history; it was a vivid illustration of the power of collective storytelling. It had all the elements of a successful, engaging and impact oriented GLOBAL communications campaign

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Payal Raj
Payal has 15 years of global communications and advocacy experience, covering broadcast business news, journalism, media relations, public affairs, and sustainability communications. She's worked across Asia, Europe, and North America. Currently, as Senior Manager of Sustainability Communications at Mars Pet Nutrition, North America, Payal's expertise encompasses strategic communications, crisis management, issues advocacy, and stakeholder engagement. Her blog provides a global perspective on PR trends and challenges, reflecting her diverse industry background.

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