Back to Basics: Seven Phases of a PR Campaign

Expert professionals suggest that the exercise of Public Relations must always be divided into seven phases. We thought of listing the seven phases only to remind you of the foundation of PR. Sometimes it’s good to refresh your basics. It brings structure back into the process and saves you from omissions. A must follow checklist that no PR professional can afford to skip…

Phase 1: Listing & Prioritising of the Message

First phase of PR campaign includes identifying and listing of the information or message that is to be communicated. It could be an announcement, product launch, event or campaign.

Phase 2: Gauging the public perception or awareness

Second phase of PR campaign includes the process to ascertain the existing image or awareness level about the issue in the target group or common public. Sometimes a quick check with a small sample group is good to go but with bigger campaigns a serious survey is a must. As much data as can be gathered is good to have. Thorough analysis of responses helps immensely in crafting great campaigns.

The basic idea is to ascertain if the image of the brand is positive, negative or neutral and plan the course of campaign accordingly. It also helps you ascertain the level of challenge ahead.

Phase 3: Drawing Objectives and Prioritising Communication

Third phase of PR campaign is all about figuring out the communication objectives and listing the priorities.

Better objectives are the ones that come with a deadline and measurable targets. That helps in analysing the success level of the campaign post its completion. Vision-like vague objectives serve no good purpose.

Phase 4: Selecting Media and the Message

Fourth phase of PR campaign is all about defining the message to be disseminated and selection of the most appropriate media for the task. Once the objectives are well in place, message or messages must be developed in as interesting and attractive format as possible. The targeted media is to be kept in mind while developing the messages.

Phase 5: Implementation

Fifth phase of PR campaign involves reaching out to the targeted media with the message. It’s all about dissemination and coordination. In view of the objectives and budget in hand the craving should be to produce optimum results.

Phase 6: Assessing the Impact

Sixth phase of PR campaign is impact assessment. The impact assessment can start and continue with the dissemination process also. That way, you can keep a watch on the pulse of the campaign. As soon as it is gauged that the messaging is not being well absorbed by the targeted media and requires some alterations the same may be undertaken. It saves time and also a campaign from failing altogether.

Phase 7: Message Redesigning

Seventh phase of PR campaign involves action according to the impact assessment of the campaign. If it comes to notice that the message requires re-designing and alterations so as to be better absorbed by the media, same should be done. If the message is well accepted and effective enjoy the success.

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