Communication Tactics – Businesses need to create a Buzz

Become your own ambassador

Branding and generating buzz are some of the most challenging aspects of promoting any brand. To begin with this, you need to step forward and be your own ambassador. If you will not be talking about your brand, who else will be ? instead of hiring a brand ambassador, be one. Jump in and talk about your brand whenever you get a chance. Go to startup meetups, industry events, networking events, coworking spaces and try to build relationships and generate buzz wherever you go.

Talk about your brand

If you want your brand to be noticed, connect with writers, influencers and media. Influencer marketing is a puissant marketing tool nowadays. It includes things that get the audience talking about a brand. The more exposure you get, the better the sales go. Writers and media are also an important part of getting organic branding done right. All you have to do is pitch some stories to them with relevant and authentic information and leave rest on them. If they would be working on any such stories, they would definitely be considering your inputs. Favorable media coverage helps establish your brand as credible and its services as notable.

Prioritise consumers

Consumers are the ones who recommend any brand to their family, friends, acquaintances and on the web, therefore it’s always important to treat them well. It takes great efforts, investments, planning, and marketing plan  to create a product but it goes beyond retaining consumers. Always prioritise them, provide them with promo codes, pay special attention to their concerns and be honest with them. Consumers are the lifeblood of any company, you should be paying attention to each and every customer.

Get on social media

Social media is not just for millennials and Gen Z, it’s for people belonging to all age groups. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest are the places where both businesses and individuals are found. Learn about different platforms, what works on Instagram might not work on LinkedIn or Twitter. Get to know what kinds of updates work best for each site. Be an active participant on social media, and make sure you are posting consistently, create branded hashtags, engage with your followers on comments, and create trailers for product launches.

Don’t be over-promotional

Share your achievements, blog posts and updates, but share informational stuff too. Your goal is to help your consumers and no one likes bragging. People don’t like when social media accounts appear to be too corporate, be personable and human and share other stuff like memes, fun reels, employee engagement pictures and videos, and engage with your audience. Consumers have a really long memory and they do remember brands that actually create an impact.

Be different

If you follow what everyone is doing, then you won’t be able to differentiate yourself. Even if your business is in a small town and your competitors are operating in the same way with the exact same price points then you should focus on setting yourself apart in order to make yourself worth talking about. You can make presentations at your nearby schools and colleges, create a website, connect with people belonging to the same industry in metro cities, be active on social media, write articles for newspapers, do branding.

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Stuti is a ferocious communication professional equipped with more than 12 years of experience in Public Relations and Corporate Communications across a multitude of industries, after working for more than a decade she decided to start her own agency in 2018. She has worked with large public relation firms, academics, lifestyle and corporate sectors. She has been a Head of Communications of a global edtech platform named Careerera. She has also worked as a Director for global engagement at a University in Gurugram. She has been a key contributor in strategizing organizational development and decision making processes.

She has been a key contributor in organisational development and strategic decision-making process through effective utilisation of outstanding communication, leadership, training, planning, management and motivational abilities. Acknowledged as a high performing professional with well-honed skill sets in the field of Public Relations and Communication.

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