Embracing social media- Enhancing Consumer Experience

Social media’s undeniable importance in the communications and  marketing mix for brands is not lost on anyone. When leveraged correctly, social media can be used both as a research tool for discovery of the consumer’s journey as well as a channel to reach the right consumer at the right time.

The recent years have witnessed an evolving consumer base not only in the big cities but in tier-2 and tier-3 markets as well. The benefits of direct , strategic contact with consumers for brands cannot be understated. Incorporation of short-form content , influencer marketing,  has created richer consumer conversations. Consequently, now brand/s look at a ‘cohesive picture’ and an omnichannel strategy to attract its potential consumer base.

As per a recent report, India is all set to have the largest base of social media content creators globally, with the figure crossing a whopping 100 million in 2023. YouTube and Instagram are the most popular platforms and the core hub for most content creators. Paid collaborations, sponsored content and collaborative posts have become the general norm in the present times.

An influencer’s/content creator’s audience can help brands amplify their reach and messaging. The situation is a win-win for both stakeholder groups. As a result, content creators love partnering with brands because it enhances their work, gives it credibility, and expands their audience.

The current generation, millennials and Gen-Z have more likability, in terms of exposure to brands, towards social platforms compared to traditional print, billboards or electronic media. Brands have been quick to adapt themselves to cater to their consumers’ needs. For instance, campaign announcements are now executed parallelly on digital, electronic and print media.

As a result of the in-marketing mechanisms, many brands have been successful in attracting customers to their retail outlets. The ‘online to offline’ sentiment is growing at a rapid pace, resulting in cluttered spaces in terms of digital activations. Since consumers have ample options at their fingertips, it is more important for brands to capture and hold their attention before they swipe to the next.

Simply put, eyeballs are now squarely pointed in the direction of social media channels as consumers are now able to provide real-time reviews or opinion on products. This helps brands understand their needs in a better manner and come up with specific solutions catering to them. A consumer now feels more involved with a product or a brand and expects more transparency in terms of its offerings.

We are in the age of constant rethink and rejig, therefore, brands must prioritise customer experience. Social media is a key enabler which helps provide support, information, or solutions as fast as possible. Consumer experience is everything—it’s your messaging, social interactions, communications, et al. In short, it is every part of the customer journey. As consumer experience gets even more social, increasingly social media will be the go-to-place to build trust, credibility, and connection with your consumers.

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Arneeta Vasudeva
Arneeta Vasudeva is a National Head, PR & Influence, Ogilvy India. She spearheads the Influence and PR domain of Ogilvy in India and supervises its business growth and devices development strategy. Arneeta’s key roles in the firm include promoting cross-category experience and network capabilities in Public Relations

Previously, as Head Communications and Community Relations Textron India, Arneeta led strategy and implementation for Internal & External Outreach in the region in close collaboration with a multi-stakeholder audience in TIPL and across Textron Business Units, globally. With over two decades of experience combining agency and corporate function, Arneeta has worked in a 360 environment and led multi-stakeholder and integrated campaigns in India and ASEAN region.

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