Role of PR in Layoff Communication

Layoffs are highly traumatic events for both individuals and corporates. For people undergoing layoffs, it is a very unsettling experience. Their confidence gets shaken, and they start worrying about getting a good job after being laid off. On the other hand, corporates laying off run the danger of being perceived as profit-making enterprises with no concern for their employees.

Properly executed Public Relations can play a crucial role in layoffs, as it helps companies communicate effectively and transparently with stakeholders about the situation. Layoffs are sensitive and emotional, and how companies communicate about them can significantly impact the public’s perception of the company and its brand.

During layoffs, PR professionals can help companies craft clear, concise, and sensitive messages explaining the need for layoffs, citing the reasons for it and focusing on the greater good of the remaining workforce. In addition, they can advise on the most appropriate communication channels, such as press releases, media interviews, company-wide emails, or town hall meetings. The pros and cons of each communication channel are understood better by PR professionals, which can significantly help corporates.

PR professionals can also help companies manage stakeholder reactions and expectations during layoffs. They can monitor media coverage and public opinion and advise on responding to negative feedback and criticism. They can also help companies develop strategies to manage their reputation and minimise potential damage to the brand.

Here are some critical steps for effective communication during layoffs:

  1. Be transparent: Communicate the reasons for the layoffs and the company’s steps to support affected employees. This will help reduce fear and confusion and build trust among the remaining employees.
  2. Timing is essential: Choose a time and place to communicate the news in a way that shows empathy and respect for affected employees. Consider holding a meeting or town hall to provide a forum for questions and answers.
  3. Provide support: Provide support resources to affected employees, such as outplacement services or career counselling. This shows that the company cares about its employees and is taking steps to help them transition to their next role.
  4. Address concerns: Address any concerns or questions from remaining employees about the impact of the layoffs on their job security and the company’s future. This will help build confidence in the company’s leadership and ability to move forward.
  5. Maintain morale: Keep remaining employees informed and engaged, ensuring they understand the company’s commitment to their well-being and future success.
  6. Follow up: Check in with affected employees and remaining employees after the layoffs to see how they are doing and answer any remaining questions they may have.
  7. Plan for the future: Communicate the company’s goals, including any steps to prevent future layoffs, and reassure employees and stakeholders that the company is moving positively.

In addition, PR professionals can work with companies to support employees who are affected by layoffs. They can help companies communicate the reasons for the layoffs and offer support to employees, such as outplacement services, resume writing workshops, and career counselling.

Overall, the role of public relations in layoffs is to help companies navigate difficult and sensitive situations and communicate with stakeholders transparently and compassionately. Effective communication during layoffs is critical for maintaining the trust and confidence of employees, stakeholders, and the public and ensuring a smooth transition for those affected.

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Sandesh Advani
Sandesh, with over 20 years of PR experience, is currently the Executive Vice President and Lead - Government & Public Sector Units Vertical at Concept PR. Over the years, he has provided strategic communication solutions for clients across the corporate, government and public sector.

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