Expanding Perspectives: Co-creating Value through Global Collaboration

We are in amidst of a rapid transformation in the way we conceptualise messaging, build strategic communication frameworks and facilitate their execution due to the changing market dynamic, continued enterprise focus on digital transformation and outcome based marketing and communication expectations. Customer retention in the communication business is getting increasingly tough as enterprise-level expectations from communication are on a constant upswing. Today, the expectation is to be a king of everything and jack of none; a stark difference from how the older generation of communication professionals was brought up. As communication consultancies that have lived through this last decade of perpetual flux, there is a relentless search for like-minded partners, teams and customers, who can help accentuate your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. 

The answer lies in bring together people providing an array of perspectives to one unique communication challenge. At times, we are our own worst enemy as unknowingly we try and force-fit the same age-old traditional solutions to new age problems. It is important to bring together perspectives from different backgrounds, cultures, experience levels and capabilities as only then, can one really innovate on a disruptive, measurable and outcome-based communication solution. At Ideosphere, we stumbled upon this opportunity when we first met Debbie Zaman, President, With Global Alliance (WGA) during on her visits to India. We instantly connected and understood that we could add immense value to each other’s organisations. The hours of discussion around providing global communication strategies to our customers, thinking business challenges leading to measured outcomes, and enhancing service lines to meet new customer demands resonated immensely with the our own leadership. The interaction and discussions were not about the regional expertise and cultural differences, but about collaborating to design and develop global strategies by bring together the best of perspectives, value co-creation and capabilities. With that, we decided to join the WGA as founding members. 

After months of planning and strategy, we recently officially announced the establishment of WGA, an International network of tech-focused communication consultancies. The founding members represent emerging consultancies from SE Asia, China, North America, UK, and India, represented by Ideosphere. The alliance was specifically designed to support technology businesses focusing on AI, blockchain, cloud, cybersecurity, and spans sectors including martech, fintech, cleantech and edtech, among others. Our focus of business, alignment of thought process and clarity of vision instantly clicked, not only internally during our first global meet in New York, but even with our customers. It was exhilarating to see the speed at which we were able to work together to collaborate on International technology brand mandates, and humbling to witness how global customers trusted our vision and joined on. 

Collaboration is the future. Today’s digitally-connected environment requires future-ready consultancies with the capabilities to deliver to global end customers of their clients. These associations will enable disruptive communication setups to embrace the best global practices, processes, insights and knowledge in delivering robust communication frameworks for our domestic and international clientele. 

The communication business is not new to the concept of a global alliance, but the uniqueness has been the seamless interactions of the teams across the globe. The founding members have been instrumental in embracing the alliance with an ideology of “ an extended global team of one conglomerate’. In the future, we hope to have a strong team of experts in the community having the skills to manage and deliver on global strategies and the customers having the ease of a one stop seamless integration of varied regions and their consumer narratives. The whole idea centered on how can we continue to get different perspectives in one room to use communication methodologies to help global enterprise overcome their business challenges. This is how true value co-creation takes place, and the future of communication solutions will be hinged on the extent and openness of communication professionals to collaborate amongst one another to build future-ready communication frameworks and execute them with a focus on measurable enterprise-level outcomes. It may not be possible to be king of all, but it is possible to build a strong hand with the power of many. 

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Minal D'Rozario
Co-Founder & Director at Ideosphere Group
At Ideosphere Minal is responsible for creating brand stories, integrating various mediums, strategic planning and leadership development.
Prior to Ideosphere, Minal has handled strategic accounts while working with leading communication groups including Cadbury’s India, Hanmer MS&L, Kidstuff Promos & Events (Mudra Group), Banyan International (Dubai) and Genesis Burson Marsteller (Corporate & Financial Team, Mumbai & Pune).

Apart from Alumni and faculty at Xavier’s Institute of Communications (XIC) and St. Paul Communications Institute, Minal enjoys exploring and spending time with her son, reading and cooking different cuisines.

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