Five new trends in social media marketing

Social media is ever-evolving and so are the interests of viewers active on it. It is essential for everyone planning to make it big or be noticed to adapt to the latest updates and incorporate them! While we should try to keep it organised it is also important to not take it so seriously and keep it fun. It is an art to make your feed or profile look natural even though it is scheduled and planned.

Here are five new trends in social media marketing:
1. Conversation is key
For the longest time, social media has been used to give out information and market your product or service. In 2021, the focus has definitely shifted to involving customers in your journey. Viewers don’t only want to take in information any account is giving out but due to the rise in digital connection, they want to be a part of your journey be it through interactive tools available on Instagram stories or an active response thread on Twitter. Like any relationship in the real world, you need to build a real connection in the reel world as well.
2. Experiential marketing and connect
For most of us, the internet has definitely helped us survive the lockdown. While it had a lot of negative effects on mental health, it did keep us all connected. Social media was our go-to for information and connection to the world. This gave a boost to experiential marketing, where telling your stories became important, captions had to be more expressive and a social media account had to be converted to a full online experience where the language, visual tone and everything about the account had to be a unique experience for the viewer to stay invested.
3. Real content is king
Social media platforms were created with the thought of connecting the world online. Creating original content and standing out in the crowd is essential due to the overwhelming content flying online. We are fed intense information from the minute we log onto any social media application; therefore, it is important to tell your story more authentically. Be it in the form of imagery, videos, text or audio — go as real as possible!
4. Comprehensive strategy
Mapping out your communication to the world is probably the best thing you can do to organize your posts. Visual refinement & planning definitely goes a long way in brand building. Marketing & branding go hand in hand, it is important to feed one to support the other. A comprehensive strategy to give out appropriate information is useful for individual or brand accounts as it can help you keep your content crisp, clear & effective. While it is important to schedule posts content and plan the flow of information going out, we must also be careful to not make it look extremely sanitised as viewers appreciate real looking content over highly planned information.
5. Simplicity and clarity
Less is more should be your motto in 2021. Simplicity has become a rule of thumb in many ways. From your design, communication to execution — a clutter-free world is the answer to many problems. Staying away from chaotic messaging can help viewers register your voice better and stay connected for a longer time. Instant recognition by your target audience of design & voice should be your number one goal.

It is important to understand that the needs of every brand or individual profile are different, therefore there is no one fit all formula when it comes to social media marketing. Trial and error play a huge role to figure out what is working for you once you analyse your insights based on viewer engagements.

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Mridul Sawhney
Mridul is equipped with a Fashion Communication degree from NIFT Bangalore, where she was able to evolve her already keen design sensibility. After her stint as a brand consultant for JJ Valaya, she moved to the role of creative head for fashion house Nikasha where she headed marketing, PR, branding and sales. Mridul was instrumental in establishing their visual tone too, as she now does for brands at AM Branding Co.

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