Four Soft Skills to Elevate your Comms Career in 2024

Soft skills are essential in any profession and play vital role in career progression. Soft skills are certain personality traits and interpersonal skills to connect with people effectively. Soft skills are non-negotiable in sectors that rely on human interactions, such as Public Relations, Tourism and Hospitality, Education and Healthcare. Communication is a high-pressure occupation involving creative thinking, planning & execution, networking, collaboration, etc. This is a profession where words carry huge weightage and can impact your reputation. Human connection is a crux of Public Relations and Reputation Management. Hence, developing soft skills becomes imperative for budding communicators.

Here are four soft skills every communications professional should improve in 2024.

Active Listening

Communication is about telling impactful stories to increase the audience’s stickiness with the brand. However, one-sided communication is not sustainable, especially in the era when people have access to information that can shape their perspectives. Active listening is crucial soft skill for communications professionals that helps them bring depth to their storytelling. When we focus only on pushing our narrative, we limit our ability to hear different viewpoints. Active listening helps to understand diverse schools of thought and makes PR campaigns inclusive. Patience and persistent efforts are keys in developing the skill of active listening. Avoid assuming the response of others without allowing them to express their feedback. Be gentle in expressing your disagreement, and try to keep your views as objective as possible. Active listening is an art that can help in developing empathy and forging meaningful connections.

Adaptability and Resilience

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken the world by storm so as the communications industry. Comms pros acknowledge the power of ChatGPT and other AI tools. They are leveraging the technology for  content creation, campaign designing and data management. AI indeed aids PR campaigns with speed and accuracy, the technology has posed a threat to job functions like data entry and transcription. AI is here to stay, and its influence on PR functions will continue to grow. Hence, comms pros should be flexible in navigating this transition with ease. Invest in upgrading skills that match industry demand and help you excel in your career. Communication is a dynamic profession with a lot of exposure and learning. Be open to exploring different areas of communication instead of sticking to your core competencies.

Learning Attitude

A lifelong learner mindset opens doors to new opportunities and helps keep us grounded and humble. Create a support system to help you identify the scope of improvement and evaluate your performance. Learn at least one new skill every month, which will help you improve your productivity. At the same time, expand your scope of learning beyond the profession to help you shine in the crowd. Develop a network to tap the right connections and career prospects. Finding a mentor is another way to fast-track your career growth with a precise action plan. Explore platforms for exposure to see bigger picture in PR and communications.

Credibility and Ethics

Credibility is the most critical aspect of the comms role. Career aspirants prefer associating with organisations with high ethical standards and transparent business practices. Credibility also fosters a positive and result-oriented work culture. Ethical practices and credibility promote goodwill, mitigate crisis and help build a robust reputation. Be authentic and transparent in your communication. Do not to fall to external pressure, especially when the reputation is at stake. Collaboration is the essence of the communications profession. People with diverse backgrounds and skill sets come together to achieve a common goal. Develop a leadership mindset and start taking ownership of work to achieve organisational goals.

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Priyanka Pugaokar
Priyanka Pugaokar is a communications professional with expertise in internal and external communication, crisis communications, content generation and media relations. She holds over ten years of combined experience in communications and business journalism. She is currently associated with Rashi Peripherals Limited as Corporate Communications Manager and leads several strategic projects. She is an avid travel explorer. A lifelong learner, she holds interest in yoga, naturopathy, energy healing and crystallography.

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