Importance of Regional Content Marketing

According to a FICCI-EY media and entertainment sector research released on March 26, regional languages will make up 60% of television consumption in 2025 from around 55% in 2020 and around 50% of streaming video consumption from 30% in 2019. This reflects how regional media consumption is at par with the other languages of content consumption, primarily Hindi or English, when we discuss it with respect to India.

Even today, India has a vast native-speaking population that does not know other languages such as English or Hindi. Other than those, several individuals and families also consume native language content to develop a culturally-inclined environment in the society. For instance, in the Punjab region, the most widely consumed content is that which is produced in the Punjabi regional language. Hence, the cultural diversity of the country is the very reason why brands need to focus on producing regional content that reaches the target audience.

Why is there a need for brands to practice regional content marketing?

Marketing ethos state that customers join brand communities for a variety of reasons, all of which might benefit the brand in the long run. Consumers not only identify with the brand but also with how they want to be recognised by others in their community. Being a part of a community also fosters a sense of belonging, which boosts brand loyalty. Furthermore, some customers look for material, ideas, and guidance, while others conduct surveillance and wish to share information. In short, regionally inclined content penetrates the audience’s heart and mind and leaves a mark on the brand.

As consumers connect with the brand ideology, a feeling of community develops, leading to an emotional connection. As a result, a brand should cultivate relationships within a brand community in a planned and ongoing manner with the help of regionally connecting content.

Developing a Unique Brand Identity

English language content can be found mostly i.e., 80% of the time on the internet. It’s also worth noting that there aren’t many content marketing websites available in regional languages. There are no content marketing firms in India that provide material in regional languages. This is to say that there is no counterpart of some very few sites that generate regional content in India. Hence, the development of both generic and regional content helps a brand develop a specific audience connection in the regional market, thereby also tabbing the overall consumer environment.

In the current times, limited brands produce regional content, and hence one that does can produce a prominent mark in the consumer’s mind. This is one of the best ways of developing a unique identity in the minds of the audience.

Regional Content Caters to Specific Target Audience

Be it print, broadcast, or radio, regional medium of communication has a stronghold over the remotest locations in the country. Therefore, to reach the target audience brands can use strategies to harness regional content as a powerful tool of communicating the brand identity/product/services. An added advantage for brands that are state or region-centric is that they can only choose to communicate in the regional language, enabling their message to reach the correct audience on a limited budget.

Hence, the balance of regional and generic content based on the brand’s marketing strategy can help it to succeed thereby enhancing the brand visibility and image in both the national and regional market.

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Neha Bahri
Neha Bahri is Founder & Director of Bconnect Communications

A strategic communication entrepreneur professional having close to a decade of experience in the marketing communication & the PR business, Neha brings along a specialisation in creating & building the brand across the domain. Her foundation lies in learning & distributing the learning among the peer group.

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