Keeping company’s vision alive through communication objectives

As I concluded my week-long induction program at Reverie Language Technologies I was deeply moved and stirred by Reverie’s vision to bring Language Equality on the Internet™ and how it breathed through the company’s value proposition for our patrons and the citizens of our country.

Literally, Reverie means a trance but I have only witnessed the Indian internet re-imagined with our team’s passion and unbeatable perseverance.

Sensitising a company’s vision through its communication objectives

India is on the verge of reaping a massive demographic dividend. Hundreds of millions of Indians will be joining the ranks of the country’s Internet users over the coming decade.
However, the current status quo disadvantages most of the country’s population. Our primary communication objective was to help businesses realise the digital potential of 90% of India’s populace who cannot comprehend the English language.

In our country using the mobile phone or the Internet in an Indian language is still a suboptimal experience when compared to engaging in English language. With an aim to build a complete digital Indic eco-system we practiced our vision through our key messages for our OEM partners and application developers to create India-specific solutions. The digital preservation of Indic languages for our future generations is dependent on how seamlessly we can communicate in our preferred languages.

Our storytelling brings out the struggles that an Indian language Internet user faces on the Internet even with simple tasks. Imagine the dread of pushing a button where the text cannot be comprehended. We are constantly working to bring out stories that are relatable and encourage the non-English speaking community for a larger digital participation.

Importance of a communications partner to deep dive into a company’s vision

Recently we extended our communications mandate with Galvanise PR. Galvanise PR’s keen interest in reverberating our vision through relevant storytelling has been crucial in reaching wider audiences through both local and worldwide publications.

Through our joint efforts we have touched upon a variety of cases for numerous Internet users who are not comfortable using the English language. Our messages not only voice the digital hitch of Indic language users but also resonate the solutions to overcome the inhibitions associated with digital on-boarding of Indian language users.

Our success stories include:

  • The BHIM UPI app which is available in 13 languages and has over 16 million downloads.
  • The eNAM portal which is available in multiple Indian languages and has empowered over 4.5 million farmers with access to localised content.
  • For Practo, we helped localise SMS alerts for doctor-patient communication. 40% of the app’s users now receive Indian language SMSes.
  • Also, 80% of OLA drivers use the localised version of their app which is powered by Reverie.

Reverie has also impacted lives of people with its Indic mobile apps for consumers. Swalekh, an Indic Keypad in 22 Indian languages with three modes of typing was the first consumer app made available for free. Reverie also has apps like multilingual phonebook, language lock and Indic calendar app. Combined together; the apps have seen more than 1 million downloads to date.

The last mile

As a company grows, its priorities change, and its goals change. This is only natural. However, a company’s values and vision give it a certain core identity that dictates the future course of the company. Being firm on a strong vision statement gives an organisation its inertia to re-ignite the passion with which the company was built.

In order to leverage a vision, we need to define it in terms of quantifiable mission statements, goals – both short term and long term, and metrics that can be assessed. Strategy, product roadmaps, communication and marketing intents should stem out from the vision statement.

Rishi Kudale
A dynamic B2B marketer with over 10 years of experience in devising and managing innovative, insights-driven content and digital marketing campaigns, Rishi has authored several path-breaking and first-ever industry reports such as Smartphone Incidence Report in India, Mobile Internet Consumer Report across 21 countries, Smartphone User Persona Report across 5 countries, Developer's Compass to the App Galaxy - India.

He has been featured as a ‘Topic Expert' with various online media publications for his insights about mobile internet users and has worked with an industry body to launch incubation centres in Bangalore and Hyderabad.

He has played snooker at national level and badminton at state level.

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