Labyrinth of Emotions

Happiness may be perceived in a variety of ways by people. For me, everything starts with balance and ends with control. The disparity between what people think about what will bring them happiness and what will actually bring them happiness – are two different things. I see so many people suffer from anxiety and stress and on just nudging a bit more we get to know that it is simply due to not being able to negotiate well with emotions. I am not an expert here and but yes, one thing in my experience tells me that ‘depression’ is a disorder because we are made to recognise this as a disorder. It only becomes a disorder if we are not able to balance and control our emotions optimally and, in the process, not paying attention to our sleep and eating patterns. For a change, let me not talk about meditation because there are things that we need to sort before we even start meditating.

Emotions operate in a labyrinth with one or the other emotion waiting to get expressed. But do emotions spill out itself? Do we have control over them? Does it have an impact on our mental and emotional wellbeing? Do we know what a specific emotion may translate into? Well, these are some questions that each one of us will know the answers to, however here are five practices that has helped me immensely to move towards balance and control –the acronym is RODAB

Recognising – what affects us and the relationship between how we respond to the stimulus every moment generates forms the crux. Just recognising this is a big step because that brings in our awareness that where we could do better. I am string believer of ‘improving every moment’ as that only helps build a stronger foundation for us. So, this point is not for the ones who already believe that they are perfect. 

Organising – daily. This one is the simplest exercise and yet I see so many people not being able to practice this religiously.  This is what I do- I spend 20 mins, without fail, daily to make my task list. 10 mins in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening to see where I am. My endeavor through out the day is, ticking of the completed tasks which makes me stress free from ‘If I am forgetting something phenomenon’ while taking time out to do add deeper value to other tasks that need attention as well but are lying entombed due to some reason. The catch – I make this list in 2 sections – work and home so that I do not neglect my responsibilities on personal front as well.

Dissemination – of information. Many a times we do not pay attention to what information is supposed to be disseminated in what way. Some people simply do not understand that Fact and Tact go hand in hand. Knowing when to say what and double checking if a message has been understood in the way it is supposed to be, is very important for mental balance that helps clear the air and leaves no ambiguity.

Ambiguity – no and never. I am a staunch believer of leaving no ambiguity. Ambiguity is a choice. The more transparent we are, starting with ourselves the better sleep ones gets. 

Bridge – all the above work best when applied with due respect to each other. Each of the above has a combined optimal impact in the balance and control of our emotions. And that my friend according to me is a catalyst to a good and healthy mental wellbeing that essentially translates into ‘peace of mind’. So keep up the RODAB, bridge the gap between your mind and heart and believe that most of the things are in our control, to start with our choices that we make every moment.

Ankoor Dasguupta
Ankoor Dasguupta is a Marketing practitioner, and advocate of social impact, driven by kaizen.

Ankoor believes in the power of Energy and Energize while bringing to the table a pedigree of 23 years with a rare combination experience across the spectrum of media - print, digital, mobile, event productions & successful pilot projects. Worked across functions - ad operations, business operations, content, strategy, sales, events, media planning & buying. Ankoor has been part of six Sigma Green Belt project and also worked in cross functional roles with - conglomerates and start-ups. Ankoor has been part of the core pilot team of launching International IPs such as ad:tech, iMedia Summits and TechCrunch events in India. Ankoor has directed and enabled the winning of multiple pitches while actively involved in overall and tactical strategy. Trained from Dale Carnegie in Mentoring, Ankoor is a knowledge manager, avid writer with more than 50 published articles: speaker and jury in multiple forums including reputed B-Schools. Most recently Ankoor has been onboarded on the Advisory Board -Marketing Department at ISBR Business School. Ankoor is POSH Certified and has been selected to be part of core Committee for POSH at 2 organizations during his work tenure till now. Ankoor is also a Tabla player and wishes to sky-dive more often.

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