Learning from PRAXIS 2022

Ever since I joined SCoRe for the PG Programme, I have been hearing a lot about PRAXIS/SPECTRA as how it is the biggest event organised every year for the PR Professionals of the country. Lucky are those who get to be a part of the event. The first year I attended the virtual form of PRAXIS i.e. SPECTRA which was so smoothly executed. I got eager to attend the physical form of it by then. It became all the more special for us when we got to know that our convocation ceremony was going to be held at PRAXIS. Our whole batch got excited for it. On top of it all, we got the opportunity to volunteer at the event which gave us a sneak peek into the internal functioning of the event.

Some of the learnings I gained from PRAXIS 2022 are as follows – 

  1. Social Media Handling – As a volunteer, I was a part of the social media management team. I understood how the team has to not just be present full time in the event but also have a keen eye to capture the most projectable moments and then present it on social media as an interesting and engaging piece. Apart from the creative content that has to be posted, analytics on social media is so much more important for the event to trend in a certain geographical area.
  2. Time Management – PRAXIS is one perfect example of learning time management. The event flows from morning to night on such a tight schedule with so much punctuality. Both the days are so productive with a perfect blend of all the learnings about the industry during the day and unwinding with a party late in the evenings. 
  3. Industry Trends – It’s a good getaway for all the PR Professionals, not for resting but to acknowledge the industry people outside of their organsations, getting to know what all is going on in the world of PR in India and outside of it, taking away some ideas, facts, figures, etc. which can help them professionally.
  4. Worldwide View – As PRAXIS invites speakers who are not just from PR background but from a variety of fields, it opens up the horizons of the listeners. Everyone present gets to know Public Relations in a broader perspective. It helps the attendees to learn more which they can strategically apply in their area of work. 
  5. Choice of Venue – It’s a noticeable element that the organisers always choose a different venue for each year to give their audience a wonderful experience of the varied cultures of the great country that we live in, giving them an opportunity to extend their trip in the same city. It is quite thoughtful of the organisers to pay attention on such small yet impactful things.  
  6. Making an event festive – PRAXIS feels like a professional festival where all the people get together, meet and greet, have a great time. It teaches how important it is for an event to be lively, participative and engaging by including variety of components in it. 
  7. Management – There is so much going on behind the scenes for making an event successful. PRAXIS shows how crucial it is to have strong team who can manage it all. It requires so much coordination among the team members who can handle everything from planning to execution to crisis. Interestingly all these skills are required by PR professionals also. 

At last I would like to conclude that PRAXIS is an experience that every PR Professional must have at least once in their lifetime.

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Nishi Agrawal
Nishi Agrawal is working with Adfactors PR as a trainee account executive.
Nishi is from Indore (M.P.). She has done her graduation in B.Com Honours and a post-graduation in MBA with a specialisation in Advertising and Public Relations. Following which she pursued PG Diploma in Public Relations and Corporate Communications from School of Communications and Reputation (SCoRe).

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