The Big Fat PR Reunion

As I try to put down my experience at PRAXIS Chandigarh on paper, I ask myself if I have to describe it in one word, what it would be. I’d say ‘special’, it was special for many reasons, my convocation, my first physical corporate event, the first PRAXIS after two years, but for me what made it so special were the people. I was finally meeting the people who I had been seeing on screen and interacting with over emails, and messages – my mentors, batch mates, colleagues, and the whole extended family of SCoRe. Though most of us were meeting for the first time this felt more like a reunion and to be honest the energy I felt over those two days made me feel many others felt that too. Everyone who came was happy catching up, meeting peers, having conversations, and having fun.

The event was exhilarating and truly achieved the right balance between learning and fun. The days were packed with insightful and inspiring discussions, while the nights were lit with music, dance, and drinks. Apart from being a guest at this event, I was also allowed to volunteer and help manage the event. I formed new connections, made friends, and created memories during this.

From greeting corporate leaders at the registration desk to losing my goodies bag, to dancing on the beats at Euphoria to an after-party dean, and to, amazing discussions on day 2, PRAXIS9 for me was above and beyond expectations.

Thanks to this event all students of SCoRe were able to meet N S Rajan, Bela Rajan, and Kass Sells, where we had discussions about the industry, ambition, commitment, work, and life. While I was at SCoRe we were told why Amith Prabhu wanted to create such a PR gathering and the passion with which he executes it. I got a glimpse of it in Spectra but PRAXIS9 showed me what it really was.

Everything was taken care of with due diligence and the emphasis was to create a happy experience for everyone who came all the way. The sessions were not just confined to PR but also included speakers from other walks of life. The punctuality and hospitality were top-notch. 

I came back from Chandigarh with more wisdom, new friends, and a bag full of experiences that will stay with me. If I could I would thank everyone at PRAXIS for this. As I start my journey in PR and AdfactorsPR, I look forward to attending many more PRAXIS and creating many more memories. Cheers to the big fat family reunion.

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Husain Udaipurwala
Husain Udaipurwala is from Mumbai and is currently working at AdfactorPR, managing major BFSI brands. Husain holds a master’s diploma in public relations and corporate communications from School of Communication and Reputation.

Outside of work, Husain is a cricket enthusiast and has a passion for cars.

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