Legacy Matrix – a new paradigm shift for Public Relations

It was 2011 when I was highly influenced by Actor and Entrepreneur Shah Rukh Khan, cricket superstar Sachin Tendulkar, Troy movie starring Brad Pitt, Hollywood Superstar Tom Cruise, Scientist and Former President of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the stardom of Michael Jackson after his death, Physicist Stephan Hawking, literature of Swami Vivekanda and few more stories. This collectively led me to a curious question of how can one achieve stardom and legacy. I curiously started observing and analysing and researching in the late teenage when I was not aware of the term Public Relations. The very first observation and analysis as a research process I started was a chat show interview of Shah Rukh Khan on Koffee with Karan where he appeared alone. That was on TV not YouTube at that point in time in January 2011.

When I started with my research in my student life, I was not aware that I will actually develop an intellectual property nor I was aware of such a term. During my 3 year graduation in Management, the subject that fascinated me a lot was Public Relations. I went on to pursue Masters of Arts in Public Relations from Hinduja College, Mumbai. By then my research had evolved.

In 2022, I focused all my energies to jot down and compile my research, observations, analysis and experiences. I created an intellectual property in the form of strategy formulation, matrix, theories and business model in the sphere of Public Relations, Marketing and Brand Management and named it Legacy Matrix. It is applicable to an individual, product, service or organisation. An approach of Thought Leadership by determined visionaries with a goal to create legacy would be the right set of target audience for the same.

As a part of pilot study, research, observations and analysis, I spoke to a few PR professionals from India and discussed my IP with them. Most of them were optimistic and said this idea has a huge business potential. As there is no relevant competition to this particular niche of service, it is metaphorically in a Blue Ocean Strategy zone and has a potential to create a monopoly.

In this 4IR Web 3.0 world empowered by ease of communication, AI and content creation, having media coverage is not enough for creating a Legacy, nor was it prior to social media era as well. To create a Legacy your brand story needs to eclipse the narratives of contemporaries and engage with the audiences.

Marketing Guru Walter Landor profoundly quoted, “Products are made in the factory but the brands are created in the mind.” I add to it, “Legacy is built in the culture.” Only when a brand becomes a part of a culture of a region over a period of time, it can achieve legacy. Now the question is how to get it done? I have a strategic approach for the same.









History of the world is the history of a few people who had a great PR mind. History is drafted by the winners as they control the narratives and resources. When I say ‘great PR mind’ it can be of their own like Steve Jobs had his own PR mind, Shah Rukh Khan too, Lord Krishna too, or, it can be the advisor, consultant and mentor like Birbal was for Akbar or Aristotle for Alexander. PR professionals are the kingmakers who shape the history and legacy of the world through stories and archives.

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Devesh Purohit
Devesh Purohit is the proprietor of Legacy Matrix based out of India. Devesh is the researcher, developer and publisher of an intellectual property on Legacy Building for brands. His IP concept for Legacy Building approach distinguishes him from all the PR Consultancies in the world. Academically, Devesh is a Gold-medalist in MAPR from Hinduja College. For his IP, Devesh has drafted 4 original theories.

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