Measurement & Analytics help brands balance “BUY ME” and “WHY ME”

In today’s corporate landscape, discussions surrounding “Brand Reputation” and the “Reputation Economy” are ubiquitous. CEOs, CMOs, and other CXOs are realising the profound influence of Brand Reputation on their respective KRAs. No longer does the consumer base decisions solely on product recall, price incentives, packaging allure, or convenience. We are amidst a shift from the era of “BUY ME” communication appeals to one where an authentic “WHY ME” narrative is becoming paramount – one that centers around the Corporate Brand.

Yet, a deeper marketing communication data analysis reveals a gap between intent and execution. The annual allocation of advertising funds in India mirrors this trend, with a mere fraction – around 3-5% – directed towards corporate brand building. The lion’s share, over 95%, is channeled into traditional marketing communications (“BUY ME” strategies). The crucial “WHY ME” element remains largely unexplored. By “WHY ME,” I refer to the dissemination of information about the entity behind the product or service – its values, ethics, culture, vision, societal commitment, governance practices, quality standards, and more.

This is where the transformative power of PR Measurement and data Analytics emerges as an instrumental force. PR Measurement empowers organisations to transition from a solely product-centric communication model to one that deeply integrates “WHY ME” narratives. Through meticulous tracking and analysis of media coverage, sentiment, and audience engagement, PR professionals can uncover the stories and attributes that shape a Corporate Brand’s identity. Data Analytics unveils the nuances that influence public perception, enabling organisations to craft messages that resonate authentically and highlight their distinctive “WHY ME” qualities.

PR Measurement & Data Analytics hold the potential to revolutionise corporate communication by:

  1. Unveiling Core Values: Data analytics provide insights into what aspects of a Corporate Brand’s values resonate with the audience. Through the analysis of media coverage and sentiment, PR professionals can discern the values that make the brand relatable, building a foundation for a genuine “WHY ME” narrative.
  2. Identifying Trends: By monitoring media conversations, PR Measurement can identify emerging trends that align with the Corporate Brand’s identity. This proactive approach enables organisations to capitalise on opportunities and craft timely messages that reflect their unique attributes.
  3. Measuring Perception Shifts: PR Measurement & Data Analytics enable organisations to track shifts in public perception. Through sentiment analysis, organisations can gauge how their efforts to communicate their “WHY ME” story influence public sentiment and adapt strategies accordingly.
  4. Demonstrating Transparency: Transparency is a cornerstone of the “WHY ME” narrative. Data-driven insights allow organisations to showcase their commitment to transparency by substantiating claims with evidence and fostering trust among stakeholders.
  5. Tailoring Messages: Data Analytics offers a granular view of audience preferences, allowing organisations to tailor messages that align with the values and aspirations of their target audience.
  6. Building Stakeholder Trust: The integration of PR Measurement and data Analytics bolsters an organisation’s credibility. Demonstrating that “WHY ME” narratives are backed by data instills confidence in stakeholders.

In a rapidly evolving landscape, PR Measurement and data Analytics empower organisations to elevate their communication strategies. By leveraging data to craft authentic narratives, organisations can transcend the limitations of traditional marketing communications and establish themselves as brands with purpose – brands that are not just asking consumers to “BUY ME” but engaging them with compelling “WHY ME” communication narratives.

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Siddhartha Mukherjee
Siddhartha is the founder of Brand Balance that helps the C-suite & CCO collective optimize its Brand Reputation Management ERPs (efforts, resources & processes) across stakeholders. His professional mission is to establish the Corporate Communications function as the only engine towards brand reputation and valuation success.

Before setting up Brand Balance, a neutral organization, his past 23 years of holistic learning curve includes leadership roles across all the three sides of the industry – corporate communications, communications firms and as a business head of a brand data analytics, audit, research & measurement global behemoth. During spare time, he bikes across the Indian highways, writes articles, consults students & professionals and teaches at media and business schools.

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