Replace the old habit of fearing with the new habit of letting go of fears

In the last article, we sat at a place, calmed our mind, focussed on the base of our spine, imagined a wheel spinning, left to right, and started to deal with our fears. One by one.

Lifelong habits do not evaporate in a day or a month. But it is said that it takes 21 days to sow the seeds of a new habit. And so if you start on the new habit to break an old one, atleast an earnest effort of breaking away from the fears that have had a debilitating effect on you, can be made in a month or so. You will see if this habit has any efficacy on your life or not. When we see something having a positive effect on us, we continue on it. But not in the beginning.

When we start something new, we find it difficult to commit to it, because any positive effect takes time to show itself, and thus those first ten days of doing something new are crucial. Whether it is joining a gym, or starting on positive morning affirmations, or starting on the journey to rid yourself of your fears, whatever happens, continue with it without analysing too much for the first ten days.

And then you will not need to force yourself. As you let go of fears, even the thought that you are letting go, will make you feel stronger, more powerful. And when you continue on the path, slowly, you will feel lighter, more open to take chances, more open to live life, more open to meet new people, more open to receive compliments, more open to show kindness to people, less inclined to judge, less inclined to be harsh, more inclined to smile.

Why? Because you will stop calculating, manipulating, thinking of how a situation will affect you in a way that you must manage it. In short, you will become less controlling, less worried, less anxious, less inclined to think the worse.

And what will all this ultimately lead to?

You will be less attached to the results, because for the first time in your life you will enjoy living—in the moment, the process, the day to day, things you thought as inane. You will pay attention to the colours of the flowers, the sky, people, relationships, and feel the shift in people, without them telling you in words.

Why? Will the trees or weather, or people or the world change?


You will.

And thus your world will.

The world is what we see it as.

Fear attracts fear. If you fear, you will attract people, news, incidents, that bring more fear in your life.

Every emotion carries an energy with it, it’s own vibration. Thus if you have been roaming around with the vibration of fear, it’s impossible to attract the vibration of true joy. Because for that you will have to first reach that vibration yourself. This is just the beginning towards that goal.

This beginning will start us on a journey where Joy will not be a product of results, or doing well, or productivity, or love we receive from the world. We are starting on a journey where Joy will be a product of merely living, because that living will not be mere anymore.

Let’s be on this journey.

Shreya Narayan
Shreya Narayan is an actor.

She has acted in films and series like Saheb, biwi aur gangster, Rabindranath Tagore stories by Anurag Basu, etc.

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