#RTSPECTRA – The Future of Public Relations

Reputation Today organised the world’s largest virtual conference with an aim to educate people about the future trends in communications and the ways to build brand credibility. The communications leaders from the most reputed companies participated in the event. One among them were Helena Maus, CEO, Archetype with the moderator Arun Sudhaman, CEO & Editor-In-Chief, Provoke Media. The session on the future of Public Relations was very interesting and intriguing. 

It was all about her experience and the lessons she has learned throughout her career and especially from pandemic. She said that pandemic taught her a lot both as an individual and as a professional. She added that, it was a great year in fact a year with new opportunities and great realisations. The session was filled with lots of interesting questions and answers which make us really enjoy it.

Some of them were: – 

  • What was the key impact that you have seen in Public Relations in 2020?

Helena replied that 2020 was an unforgettable year where many things have happened. She could learn a lot about herself and colleagues. It was an incredible journey where everyone cared for each other and was moving towards something together. 

One of the major impacts was that everyone gave importance to purpose driven communications. And it is a well-known fact that the future is the mission driven companies. Only the companies that care for the society and its development will be able to survive in the future. 

There were a lot of technological changes and everyone became a digital savvy in one way or another. Attaining and retaining talents was seen everywhere. And most importantly people were ready to work with everyone and create an incredibly talented team.

  • There is an increasing popularity for Mission driven companies. Along with that companies are also considering the type of people they are working with. What do you think about it?

Everyone knew that we are going through an unprecedented time and everyone wants to survive. So, helping and standing for each other was a necessary. And we all were happy to do that. Companies, investors, vendors everyone cared about each other and provided equal opportunities. Sustainability was the need of the hour and 2020 was a great year were we really addressed it. 

  • One of the biggest changes that we have seen in 2020 was in the leadership and employee engagement. On this note, how did you manage the company culture which is crucial for the success?

I personally liked Helena’s reply to this question. She said that our product is peoples time and we are very clear about our product. For Archetype culture and employees are everything. We all love each other; if we love our companies and colleagues, we will have that culture and success will follow us. 

Kindness is our core value and we are conscious about uplifting people. And we give importance to proper work-life balance, healthy relationships and empathy. Because everything in a company is related with people, and the best possible products comes from best people. So, we are not ready to compromise on anything especially with our culture and employee’s health.

  • This was a crucial year where we had too much work and no life. Is there any measure you can go against it?

The only measure we can adopt is to be extra-loving to each other. We want to have proper interactions and caring. 2020 was a year of gratitude and we Archetype will continue following the lessons we have learned from it.

Helena said that the future of Public Relations and communications are very bright. We can see great ideas and changes in this field and in the society in the near future. And for her and Archetype the company culture and legacy are important. We want to live up to it and the world will know how ambitious we are. 

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Shwetha Kumar
Shwetha. A. Kumar from Cochin, Kerala. A finance graduate & a Post Graduate in Corporate Communications & Advertising from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, is currently a stude at the School of Communication and Reputation (SCoRe).
She also done a short internship as part of her post graduate programme with Ice Cube Event Management Pvt. Ltd, reported 2018 Kerala flood (article), extension of Kochi Metro (tabloid) & has interviewed and made a feature article about SOS an NGO for magazine.

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  1. Good start. Hope she would be involved very deeply to explore new avenue . Wish her all success in PR.

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