Social Media: A direct line of communication

The social media space in India is rapidly evolving and expanding. Thanks to easy internet access, the number of social media users in India crossed 518 million in 2020. In addition, the number of domestic social network users is estimated to be about 1.5 billion by 2040. This number suggests that a major population of the country has access to social media which makes it an effective way of communication.

Today all of us remain connected through social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc., for daily communication and all these platforms offer the option for both video and audio calls making it easy for a common man to connect with their loved ones. Moreover, social media has also become an integral part of business communication in today’s life which is a result of changed human behavior towards social media, along with the straightforward interface and interesting business tools available on the various social media apps.

Today, social media apps like WhatsApp offer a customized interface for those willing to do business on WhatsApp. It helps you enter your business details, create groups, provide website details and other such information to anyone who is opening the business contact. This is a clear indication of how social media apps are being widely used for business communication along with the process of sales and marketing.

Now that we have established that social media apps are widely being used for business operations and management, let us understand if these apps have also become a direct line of communication with the clients?

The use of social media plays an important role in customer service. The mutual benefits of easy brand access via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. enable easy contact with customers with engaging social interaction, enabling branding and widespread contact across multiple channels.

Social Media and Client Interactions

This form of contact utilises social networks and social time, making it extremely convenient for customers and allowing them to quickly reach their customer service department without the hassle of endless phone calls.

It is worthwhile for businesses to use multiple social media channels at the same time to give their customers the freedom to choose their preferred contact method. By being able to talk directly to the brand through the social media channel, many customers feel “connected” to the brand and are therefore able to connect emotionally and invest in it.

In addition, they tend to use this type of contact, tailored to their daily lifestyle, which also guarantees greater and more flexible availability. The use of such solutions not only enhances the effectiveness of activities in this area but also has a positive effect on the image of the company in terms of comfort and social interaction. Hence, brands today adapt to social media to develop an effective line of communication with their clients.

How to develop a seamless communication channel with clients on social media?

Build a Brand Reputation-Respond quickly enough to show that your customers can trust your support. In addition, your answers can be used not only by the questioner but also by other people who are interested in a particular topic. Therefore, to increase sales, social networking platforms need to participate in discussions. You need to do so through social media groups, podcasts, live interactions, etc

Use In-App messenger service- Clients prefer to interact on the platform that they are engaging with. For instance, if a client sees your product/service on Instagram, they will want to interact with the brand on the same platform. It is inconvenient for them to switch to another app; hence it is good to interact with your clients on the social media app, rather than directing them to another app or platform.

The above points clarify that social media is the new communication platform where the world is globally connected and the business will have to expand their presence on all these platforms for effective client communication and business growth.

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Neha Bahri
Neha Bahri is Founder & Director of Bconnect Communications

A strategic communication entrepreneur professional having close to a decade of experience in the marketing communication & the PR business, Neha brings along a specialisation in creating & building the brand across the domain. Her foundation lies in learning & distributing the learning among the peer group.

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