Straight Talk with Priyesh Shah

Priyesh Shah, National President of Round Table India shares with Sameera Fernandes updates on the various initiatives undertaken during this deadly pandemic.

What are some of the initiatives that you are spearheading at Round Table India?

With the mission of ‘Service Through Fellowship’, Round Table India focusses on Education and Healthcare projects. With a presence in 124 plus cities and 340 chapters across the country, we are currently assessing stakeholder requirements for medical infrastructure in the form of oxygen concentrators, ventilator beds, ventilators and BIPAP machines. Partnerships with multiple CSR donors for ICU related machines and ongoing vaccination drives across India is where our focus lies.

Keeping in mind that times are challenging, what have you done differently this year to face the prevailing situations?

The launch of medical infrastructure HEAL has enabled us to tie up with multiple government hospitals to enhance health infrastructure. The entire organisation has moved to digital platforms to connect, raise funds & also pursue projects in the field of Education & Healthcare. We have also conducted multiple food & donation drives across the country for the underprivileged. Alongside, we are focussing on the Amphan Relief Project in West Bengal & North eastern states.

The RTI Kitchen was seen as a great solution during Phase One of the Pandemic. What helped make it impactful?

During the pandemic, in the first phase we required food. The RTI Kitchen was conceptualised with the objective to feed migrant workers in multiple cities with a kitchen each. There were few cities where the RTI kitchen was renamed the Chief Ministers’ Kitchen such as in Ranchi where we fed close to fifty lakh people. A record number of sixty-five lakh people were fed in the programme including providing food, ration & groceries.

What is your association with Punjab Kings and how is Covid relief being promoted?

Punjab Kings is also promoting the SAAH initiative and we have tied up with all players to donate money which will be used to procure oxygen concentrators and oxygen banks. These equipments are lent free of cost to all those in need. Once utilised and post covid-19, it will be donated to old age homes and those in need.

The RTI Care portal has gained lot of traction of late. What is its purpose?

The RTI Care portal is a one-stop platform where information of resources are available in a well-structured manner. This is backed by a COVID relief team formed in 100 cities by members who welcome requests for resources and try our best to cater to various community requirements.

What is the purpose behind the initiative – Freedom Through Education?

Freedom Through Education (FTE) is our long term project where we focus on providing education to underprivileged children in government schools across the country. This includes 7140 plus classrooms in 3000 plus schools. We also provide additional facilities with sports infrastructure and other community driven campaigns such as eye donation, blood donation and other camps in partnership with the State Government. The land is donated by the community or the Government.

How important is it to ensure a good reputation in today’s day and age?

Without a good reputation, we will not able to succeed at any of the noble initiatives that we intend to do. If you have a good reputation, it is easy to earn trust and lead the initiative towards fruition. Whether it is business, personal life or a connect to community, if a person does not have integrity, all other skills become negligible. At Round Table India, we have built a stellar reputation over the last 60 years of our existence. We are a 100% compliant organisation with all the requisite authorities, including the latest FCRA norms, 80 G, registered with MCA& 12AA. We were also conferred with the Bhamasha Award in the field of Education by the Government of Rajasthan.

Outreach and tie ups is the way forward for a platform of this nature. What are some of your immediate requirements and how can the community help?

We are keen to tie up with different volunteer organisations and NGO’s as outreach partners to ensure Covid relief resources are available to our community. We looking at setting up 2000 L1+ L2 Beds, 200 ICU beds, NIV, BIPAP / High Flow oxygen machines, Oxygen Plants & lines. Donating consumables like PPE Kits, masks, gloves, face shields, sanitizers, patient robes etc. to government and other needy hospitals across the country is where our efforts are presently directed towards.

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Sameera Fernandes
Sameera Fernandes is the Director of Ecosol Global and Chairperson of External Affairs - Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce (BCIC). She is also the former Director – Strategy, St. Francis College, Bengaluru.

She was conferred with the Nirbhaya Award and also the ‘Woman of Influence’ Award by Archbishop Dr. Peter Machado.

Her past stints include Sun Microsystems, Nokia (UAE), Jet Airways, Al Ghurair Investments (UAE) and has been a regular contributor to the Friday Magazine of Gulf News.

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