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“I feel fortunate to be part of an organisation which symbolizes independent thinking and knowledge-driven communications. Adfactors PR is an idea that has been nurturing itself year-on-year with constituents around learning & development, talent density, cognitive diversity, and most important of all – investing back in the ever-changing media fabric of India. We are an invincible force for our clients, as we team up with them to deliver the best Cover Stories and amplify new perspectives for India’s success.”

The Making of a Cover Story

Cover Stories are special because they sculpt a palace of memories and develop an intuitive reminder for themselves no matter how old they are! We all consume stories, however, only a few make it to the cover! What makes them exemplary are the gradients of creativity, relativity and sense of belonging. A real cover story is the one that travels the most and reaches to the farthest of the places, to the readers. The best ingredients in the cover story also comes from storyboarding and having a good pulse on research and ideas.

Cover Story of India

Over the last 25 years, while there are a lot of blockbusters from various walks of the brand and reputation sphere that made it to the Cover, there is one story that makes us all proud and this is the Brand Story of India, which compels the world to look at us as a nation that is raising the bar of globalization. In the Post-Liberalisation Era, India has developed into a strong nation fueled by geopolitical conversations and cultural contexts. Putting all in one place, the story of modern ‘Bharat’ has all the right plugs around technology revolution, rise of consumerism, changing face of the economy, innovations in sectors like Energy, Telecom, Education, Entertainment, and many more. Today, India has become a frontrunner with the rise of Unicorns, mega-enterprises and conglomerates across sectors—Making India a favorite destination for the corporate environment.

The Makers of Cover Story

In the last 25 years, not only the above story, but many more have been relayed emphatically well by my organisation, with its ability to understand the changing societal narrative at the cusp of philosophical, technological, cultural, aspirational and behavioral shifts happening in the country. Adfactors PR with its humble inception in the year 1997, has been playing a pivotal role of a catalyst by translating the success stories for various movers & shakers, making Indian brands being celebrated on the world pedestal and redefining the reputational edge for the organisations and for their people.

Behind the cover for many of the blockbuster stories, is a blended effort of organisations, their stakeholders, leaders, their value system, and their partners. Adfactors PR epitomises its role as a brand behind the brand, and cover behind the story for many of such cover stories that made it to the top over last two decades. At the intersection of domain knowledge and talented storytellers, our firm has subliminally changed the outlook of Indian readers by instilling positive stories that has the potential of changing human narratives.

Managing Coexistence

As a contribution and commitment to India’s media landscape, the firm has kept the fourth estate relevant and has balanced the digital coexistence with the rise of influencers and new digital & social media outlets. Ensuring that the news is distributed across 19,101 pin codes in India, Adfactors PR is operating to strike the balance for digital and native readers— enabling coexistence across hybrid environment and driving inclusivity for the readers.

Making India Proud Globally

We understand the importance of stories that adds value to the reader’s mind. The world’s most populous democracy is spreading its wings, and cover stories will act as a tailwind. As the youngest PR Firm in India among its top peers, Adfactors PR continues to add glory to a nation known for its legacy and culture all around the globe.

Celebrating the Spirit of India for Coming Years and Beyond

Fiercely Independent and Proudly Indian! defines the core values of the firm which is now 25 years young. We take pride in our origin and the culture that embodies independent thinking. It is about the shared value and collaborated efforts with our clients, that makes us the most dynamic communications firm in the World.

‘From India for the world’, is our guiding force as we continue to service our clients with deeper understanding and representation of India as a power block.

The views and opinions published here belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the publisher.
This article is part of a SILVER JUBILEE series by Adfactors PR commemorating their 25th year in the business of Public Relations.

Priti Setia
Priti is a digital reputation strategist with around two decades of experience. She is an eclectic, and draws inspiration from nature and people. Eclecticism, shapes her approach, guides her choices and fuels her ideas. A PR strategist by choice, and a marketer by heart

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