The influencer universe – a tough choice?

The world of marketing and communications is constantly evolving to meet the needs of consumers at the same rapid pace as, technology and its offerings. The term “influencer-led marketing” is a relatively new concept. During the pandemic, when use of smartphones and reliance on digital channels skyrocketed, it made its presence felt more strongly. Due to travel restrictions, brands were unable to do much on ground. And, brands started to engage ordinary people to create content for their audiences.

Influencers, can be popular fashion divas on Instagram, marketing gurus of YouTube, or even respected orators. But as experts, they seem to make most engaging posts, most-watched videos, and run the most topical and informative online discussions. Which by the way, has the potential to make headlines in the offline space as well. Plus, the cost-effectiveness, reachability, and high engagement rates, stand out to be some of the big advantages for brands.

Keeping influencer partnerships authentic is still somewhat of a learning curve for modern marketers who must remain adaptable and receptive to ever-changing scenarios. Today’s consumers are aware and have discerning eyes, especially when it comes to spotting communication that’s less than real. It is imperative then, that influencer views and reviews, should be true and credible.  It goes a long way in building consumer trust. Therefore, it is not that simple for brands to identify a perfect match of influencers tying in with their marketing agenda.

Moreover, as content options available to consumers have opened up many avenues, it has made a huge shift in the way content is being consumed, today. OTT platforms are continuing to expand their audience, and the market for influencer-led digital marketing continues to peak with it.

Finally, research and reports indicate that the way in which the influencer landscape is shaping up, it is serving the interests of the brands in an effective manner. Brands are bullish about the flexibility that influencer marketing provides in terms of budget, reach, unique content, authenticity, better engagement rate and Return on Investment, and are happy to invest in it. It is evidently trending and will continue to help brands to tell their story.

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Arneeta Vasudeva
Arneeta Vasudeva is a National Head, PR & Influence, Ogilvy India. She spearheads the Influence and PR domain of Ogilvy in India and supervises its business growth and devices development strategy. Arneeta’s key roles in the firm include promoting cross-category experience and network capabilities in Public Relations

Previously, as Head Communications and Community Relations Textron India, Arneeta led strategy and implementation for Internal & External Outreach in the region in close collaboration with a multi-stakeholder audience in TIPL and across Textron Business Units, globally. With over two decades of experience combining agency and corporate function, Arneeta has worked in a 360 environment and led multi-stakeholder and integrated campaigns in India and ASEAN region.

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