The Pursuit of Reputation

“The Pursuit of Reputation” is a thought-provoking and well-researched book that successfully argues for the critical role of reputation in modern society. It is a compelling read that combines historical depth with contemporary relevance. Whether you’re in the business of building corporate empires or simply interested in personal development, this book has something valuable to offer. Authors Amith Prabhu and Sujit Patil explore how reputation, often considered an afterthought, can be the cornerstone of enduring success for both businesses and individuals. The book argues that in a world awash with information and competition, reputation can serve as a distinguishing factor.

Amith and Sujit come with rich expertise in the fields of communications and public relations. Both authors have long-standing careers working with corporations and are unparalleled contributors of the zeitgeist of Indian Public Relations and Corporate Communications profession. They combine history, philosophy, and anecdotal and contemporary knowledge with futuristic outlook to create a guide for reputation engineers of today. The authors’ real-world insights and rigorous retrospection, making this book a relevant read in today’s context.

The book is ambitious in its goals, aiming to redefine how we perceive and value reputation. It succeeds in its mission, substantiating its claims with a blend of historical examples, modern case studies, and highly useful frameworks. The structure of the book is logical, and the writing is accessible, making it suitable for a broad audience ranging from students to professionals. However, while reading this book I found myself determining how readers from various backgrounds would find it useful.

  1. Business Leaders: In an era of brand crises and social media callouts, CEOs and other decision-makers will find this book invaluable. It offers strategies for crisis management and building a reputation resilient to shocks.
  2. Public Relations Professionals: The book serves as both a guide and a reference, chock-full of case studies and actionable insights that can be applied in various PR scenarios.
  3. Academics and Students: Those studying business, communications, or social sciences will find the book’s frameworks and historical contexts to be great additions to their academic literature.
  4. Individuals: Even if one is not in a leadership or PR role, understanding the dynamics of reputation can be a powerful tool for personal development and networking.

I particularly enjoyed the authors’ multi-faceted approach to reputation management. They not only discuss what reputation is but also offer actionable insights on how to build, maintain, and recover reputation. I must also appreciate the authors for not shying away from the outlining limitations of earned media influence and how to navigate it. While readers will discover their own key takeaways relevant to them, I found the critical and deep analyses of influencer marketing and ROO (return on objectives) as refreshing.

Perhaps the biggest asset of this book, and also an attribute that is extremely unique, is that each lesson is supplemented with opinions of some of the most knowledgeable and credible authorities of the pertinent domains. It adds reinforcing evidence that helps the insights stick. As a member of this fraternity, I must extend my gratitude towards the authors for undertaking the imaginably painstaking and mammoth task of reaching out to over 70 heavyweights of our generation, and gifting a singular collection of their thoughts to the profession.

I would highly recommend “The Pursuit of Reputation” to anyone interested in understanding the nuances of reputation and its impact on success. It does not merely dwell on the problems but offers solutions, making it a must-read for anyone interested in the complex dynamics of reputation in modern society. This book isn’t just a read; it’s an investment.

The views and opinions published here belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the publisher.

Hemant Gaule
Hemant is an education leader based in Mumbai, India, and is passionate about education, policy, and media. After graduating from the Indian Institute of Management -Ahmedabad, he has counselled several private, social, political & government initiatives. He was a Co-founder & Director of Citizens of Accountable Governance, a team that spearheaded the national election campaign of India’s current Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi in 2014. After that, he has Co-founded (and is Dean of) India’s only institute dedicated to education and research in public relations – School of Communications & Reputation. In 2019 he became the first Indian to be conferred as a Fellow Accredited Public Relations Practitioners by ASEAN PR Network. In 2022, he was named among 40 Young Turks of India by Reputation Today Magazine. He can be reached at @HemantGaule on Twitter.

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