Why can’t you just sit?

Sit in an uncluttered space, preferably on the ground, and if required, on a cushion. Take no other support, certainly not any back support. Fix your gaze (eyes open) at a point before you. And do nothing.

Once the body learns to anchor, the mind will too.

The eyes are open to keep us aware of the reality of life at all times. Because reality is the medicine. One has got to learn how to be, and live, and thrive, in the midst of all there is.

The back is straight, because it is the spine that connects the heaven to the earth. It is the carrier of energy. It is the medium of connection (will be slowly understood if you stay on the path). Honouring the spine is honouring the Universe.

The gaze is fixed because we want to fix the mind, and the thousand thoughts it springs upon us. The eyes can be closed too, like we do in meditation, and fix the inner gaze on the third eye. But we will go with the first, eyes open. And then breathe naturally. As we do daily and hourly. However, we will bring our attention to the breath.

And just sit.

It will be a task! And the logical mind will say, ‘how stupid!’ and the monkey mind will think about sex, or better still the break-up sex.

And frankly, all that is great. Just sit. Let the mind go for it. Just try to be aware, and shift attention on the breath.

First day, logical mind will make fun.

Second day, logical mind, will make you feel like a fool.

Third day, logical mind will spew sarcasm.

Fourth day, logical mind will laugh at your efforts.

Fifth day, logical mind will smirk.

Sixth day, logical mind will blister in irritation.

Seventh day, logical mind will coax to give up.

Each day, the monkey mind would go on a thinking spree.

But the eighth day, something will shift.

A momentary lapse in the unrelenting chatter of the mind.

A moment of calm.

A moment of sanity.

A moment of silence.

A moment when time will not matter.

A moment when you can truly breathe.

A moment of triumph.

Will it be worth it?

Why don’t you try and just sit?

Shreya Narayan
Shreya Narayan is an actor.

She has acted in films and series like Saheb, biwi aur gangster, Rabindranath Tagore stories by Anurag Basu, etc.

Instagram - @shreyanarayanchronicles
YouTube Channel - Let'sTalk@shreyanarayanchronicles.

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